Jack Butcher
Image Source: Entrepreneur

Jack Butcher thanked the CARE package campaign contributors

Jack Butcher, founder of Visualize Value, a single “CARE Package for Afghanistan” NFT edition was sold to crypto users for 0.03 ether (ETH) or 10 at a time for 0.28 ether (ETH). As of October 11, 59.54 ETH (about $208,879) had been sold.

Jack Butcher
Image Source: Entrepreneur

Jack Butcher took to Twitter to express his gratitude to those who contributed to the Afghanistan care package campaign.

In the midst of Afghanistan’s worsening humanitarian crisis, a limited edition of the nonfungible token (NFT) “CARE Packages” has raised over $200,000 to aid Afghans in need. This NFT addressed one family’s emergency requirements for a month in each publication.

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in the 1990s, they made it virtually impossible for women and girls to attend school. Following the withdrawal of US soldiers, an extremist Islamist group took control of the government, urging men and boys to return to high school.

Meanwhile, Zabihullah Mujahid, the country’s Deputy Minister of Education, has claimed cryptically that the Taliban plans to provide education to women and girls “as soon as possible.”

NFTs have made it easier for creators to support their favorite causes using their artistic creativity, and the NFT community has come out in force to support amazing causes like CARE, says Alex Wilson, Co-Founder of The Giving Block. “We’re excited by the growth of crypto philanthropy this year, and this is just the beginning”, he added.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to Jack Butcher and the more than 1,000 people who contributed to this NFT campaign to support the people of Afghanistan in this critical time, says Michelle Nunn, President, and CEO of CARE.

CARE has worked in Afghanistan since 1961, and it has built strong relationships with local communities. Their services include shelter, clean water, education, health care, and more. In partnership with the Kabul Women’s Association, The CARE Organizations are also distributing the funds raised through this NFT project directly to families in Kabul affected by the crisis.

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