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Ford going to prevent its customers from reselling the truck for a year

Ford is going to work on helping its dealers to prevent the reselling of F-150 Lightning trucks within a year of purchase. It happens often that customers resell the vehicle to others at a higher price or by remodeling the vehicle. However, now the company suggests its dealers sign a deal with the customers that they are not to sell the vehicle within one year of the purchase. While it seems favorable for dealers, some customers suggest that this is about Ford controlling what people do with their property.

F-150 Lightning: a First Ride in Ford's Stupid-Fast Electric Truck

Image credits- Business Insider

Ford gives an option, where if a dealer can choose to add a no-sale provision provided by Ford to its contracts. Then the buyer will have to agree to “not sell, offer to sell or otherwise transfer an ownership interest in the Vehicle prior to the first anniversary of the date hereof.” This notice is also to warn dealers against trying to raise the prices of the trucks themselves.

It may seem like a move to help stop people trying to turn their reservation for the electric pickup into a payday. However, some have criticized the move as Ford trying to control what people do with their property. As the F-150 Lightning is released at a time when it is difficult to buy cars, the demand is high. Leading to the value of used cars skyrocketing than usual. It comes as auto manufacturers struggle to keep up with the demand to supply new vehicles. Meanwhile, some dealers have even been adding their own markups, with potential buyers reporting tens of thousands of dollars in extra fees.

Ford being strict with dealers

It was known earlier that  Ford’s message to dealerships also warns dealers that they might not receive any F-150 Lightnings in 2022 if they ask customers for extra deposits or payments. Where the statement says, “threatening customers by withholding their opportunity to convert reservations to orders.”

Meanwhile, it is said that Ford is not being as strict with customers. It is considered as a choice for the dealer to opt-in or opts out of it. Practically it might lead to competition among the dealers where more than one is present in the same city. Many customers might want to prefer dealers who do not have such agreements.  Currently, Ford stopped taking reservations for the F-150 Lightning. It is known that they are working on increasing their capacity this year. And eventually, supply the demand accordingly in coming years.



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