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Fossil Fuel Loss Vs. Renewable Energy Gain
Investors preferring clean energy stocks

In the last decade, traditional fuel-based companies lost  $123 Billion in the world-wide market. Unlike, renewable energy-based sector, the selling of fuel-based offerings reduced from $70 Billion to $10 Billion in the last decade.

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The 85% decrease is not just about sales but the interest of investors. Overall, the investment value was $640 Billion, where the value decreased up to 20%. However, only $11 Billion public equity offerings were found in the renewable energy resources sector.

The pandemic boom

During a pandemic, 2019-20 the value of both the sources fell down. Having many countries focusing on the recovery of their economy, their focus has shifted to renewable energy resources and electric vehicles. Even if fuel-based companies pick up their pace in the market post-pandemic, there are high chances that the fall will happen again within this decade.

Governments of major countries facing pollution damage to their environment have implemented different projects and schemes. Recently, Joe Biden in America proposed a $163 Billion proposal focusing on EVs and renewable energy. India is implementing schemes based on the same, to attract electric vehicle brand establishments within the country. Furthermore, Germany, Sweden, Poland governments have shown their support to encourage usage of electric vehicles.

If the technology invested and resources are available, there is no reason for renewable energy-driven companies to back down. Let’s not forget the past incidents in the last decades when countries struggled with oils and other fuels. Also, even the most powerful countries had difficult times with the market change in fuel-based companies. Renewable energy is seen as a solution.

Stock market

Fossil fuels-based stocks are expected to gradually go down with time. However, Money control says that fossil fuels can’t just vanish. The downfall of the stock market last year was only due to pandemics. The structural change in the world takes time.

Those investors who purchased the fuel-based stocks in 2020, now see a 52% increase from the original value.

As an investor, the numbers show promising results. However, as a futurist, the picture must be clear. Also, it depends on what kind of investor you are. A long-term investor is generally focused on a 5-year plan. However, as a short-term investor, the value of renewable energy is blurred because the technology is yet to be developed.

Whichever might be the case, there is going to be a huge change, and loss on one side would cost billions of dollars, jobs, and infrastructure. With job creation, innovations, and developments on the one end.




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