BNP Paribas enters cryptocurrency market
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French Bank BNP Paribas enters into Cryptocurrency with a partnership with Metaco!

Metaco acting as the bridge for banks that are interested in entering the cryptocurrency market.

Metaco acting as the bridge
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A business called Metaco essentially makes it possible for financial institutions to profit from the expanding digital asset market. The flagship product of METACO is the “Harmonize” digital asset orchestration solution.

Metaco is currently one of the most preferred institutions by the banks to enter into the cryptocurrency market. According to the reports, recently Metaco had a deal with Societe General which happens to be a tech company which entered the crypto market. Union Bank of Philippines also integrated with Metaco and started its operations in cryptocurrency market.

Metaco also enables its partners to choose among the varied spectrum of services that it offers. A diverse range of services with an out and out digital asset belief is the platform these banks require to enter the cryptocurrency market.


BNP Paribas integrates with Metaco to enter cryptocurrency market.

BNP Paribas, a French bank, has moved forward with integrating with Metaco in order to formally enter the cryptocurrency industry. Because of the extent of the assets held by the French bank, the news caused market tremors. It is presumable that the bank has a global custodian who is in charge of roughly $13 trillion worth of assets.

BNP Paribas is a French bank, which was essentially incorporated in 2000. The bank’s incorporation rather happened in a dramatic fashion, as the merge between two big parties namely – Banque Nationale de Paris and Paribas. Hence the company’s name is formed from the combination of the two parties. The bank was eyeing cryptocurrency market for a long time and realized the potential of the market quite early. As soon as the bank got the opportunity to integrate with Metaco, it seized on the opportunity.


Writer’s Analysis:

The entry of national banks into the cryptocurrency markets in the current situation is truly heartening to see. Since, the slump the market is in, there was no kind of positivity coming either from the company or from the investors. This news, surely brings hope, as it depicts that the national banks are keen in entering the cryptocurrency market even when the market is in a tremor. Metaco is also making a good deal of effort in terms of moving the national bank to cryptocurrency sector.

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