It’s time for Russia to bid adieu to Disney Channel

The Disney Channel will cease transmitting in Russia as of December 14. The news was bought in highlights in a Friday story. The story was in the Kommersant newspaper that cited additional sources.

It will reportedly be replaced by a brand-new children’s channel called “Solntse,” which is Russian for “sun.”

The news panel could not independently verify the report. There was no quick comment from The Walt Disney Company.

Disney halted all operations in Russia in the month of March

The Walt Disney Company announced in March that it was halting all operations in Russia due to that country’s invasion of Ukraine. This included licensing of content and goods. However, some channels would take some time to halt operations due to contractual quirks.

Disney programming, animations, and movies were broadcast on the Disney Channel for the first time in Russia in 2010.

After protracted talks in Brussels, European diplomats put out a ceiling on the price of Russian oil on Friday. However, given that the $60 per barrel cap is so close to current prices. It is uncertain whether the proposal will have an adverse effect on Moscow’s budget. It will go into effect on Monday. Monday is the same day the European Union’s embargo on Russian seaborne crude enters into place if the Group of Seven states and Australia agree.

Let’s have a look at the other changes as well

Apart from these, many other things and developments took place as a result of the Russia-Ukraine invasion. First, a “well-planned” campaign of intimidation and terror, according to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. It has seen “bloody packages” containing animal eyes delivered to a half-dozen Ukrainian embassies. These shipments, along with a string of letter bombs discovered in Spain. They have sparked questions about possible Russian connections and prompted Kyiv to request more security for its overseas offices. A staff member at the Ukrainian Embassy located in Madrid was hurt by one of the mail bombs.

In a joint statement released after their meeting in Washington, Biden and Macron said that the United States and France “deplore Russia’s deliberate escalatory moves.” The declaration emphasized Russia’s “irresponsible nuclear rhetoric” and false information on WMDs. The leaders agreed to give Ukraine “substantial resources” to help it through the winter and promised to hold Russia responsible for any crimes against humanity and war crimes.


Charles Michel, president of the European Council, asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to use Beijing’s sway over Russia to advance peace. Michel also informed the reporters that the leaders had concurred at a meeting that using nuclear weapons was unacceptable. According to Chinese state media, Xi expressed support for preventing an escalation or expansion of the conflict.

Although people knew after Disney started tweeting their thoughts about the matter, a person tweeted, “Disney Channel stops broadcasting in Russia from December 14th. In its place will come the channel “Sun” with children’s content. The reason is sanctions and withdrawal of rights to cartoons and series.”