Galaxy Digital is rumored to buy Crypto Custodian BitGo

Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy digital will buy Crypto Custodian BitGo very soon. There is a deal between the asset manager and the Crypto curator. After finalizing, we will get to know more. BitGo is a company that takes care of different digital assets, which also provides trust and security. The headquarter of the firm lies in one of California’s towns, Palo Alto. The founders of the company are Mike Belshe and Ben Davenport. The services that the firm provides are  Blockchain security Platform APIs, Custodial Services, and settlement services. The company set its foot 8 years ago, and it is running smoothly since then.

Bitgo to Offer Regulated Crypto Custody in Switzerland and Germany – Security Bitcoin News

About Galaxy Digital

The company is a visionary towards financial services, which solely depends on the digital asset, blockchain activity, and cryptocurrency industry. It is one of the most trusted companies in the blockchain custodial industry and raised $700 million to date. The firm is on a mission to promote the technology behind digital assets and the blockchain industry.

Galaxy, BitGo, and PayPal

BitGo talks with Crypto Bank Galaxy Digital, which is big news as Galaxy doesn’t do custody. So introducing it in the company is a big deal. Last year it came to our knowledge that BitGo nearly sold to Paypal for $750M cash, but it fell through. Later through news reports, we found out that PayPal acquired Curv, yet another big cryptocurrency custodial company.

Paypal In Talks To Acquire Crypto Custodian BitGo
PayPal and BitGo

Cryptocurrencies have seen a substantial increase in activity that involves different custody firms. Moreover, Custody firms are significant for digital trading and business. Though the Galaxy and BitGo didn’t say anything yet to prove the alleged news. One source also found out that traditional financial firms may also be behind this alliance.

Other custodians, along with Galaxy Digital

Goldman Sachs is also considering BitGo as their custodian for the wealth fund. And this may offer bitcoin to better investors. Other than this, Galaxy has always been part of NYDIG trading in crypto and Wall Street firm Morgan Stanley. It has raised bitcoin to $300 million since March among every bitcoin buyer.

We all know that Galaxy Digital also deals with investment banking services. So, it has come to our knowledge that it has seen an increase of 842% in its trading business. Mike says that they are planning to list in the US during the end of the year.

BitGo is a powerful company, and its business is one of the best. We use this statement because if the company can raise $69.5 million over few funding rounds, that is really great in this pandemic. According to the Galaxy Digital website, we can see that the firm believes in being connected, being invested, being diversified and being disciplined. These unique features end up making this company one of the best as well. So, if they do come in alliance with BitGo, it will result in great success.

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