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A helicopter for a head helps Aerial-Biped walk with confidence

Aerial-Biped tries to fight gravity

17 August, 2018

The Aerial-Biped is a new robot that uses a quadcopter in the place of head. It is designed by researchers from the University of Tokyo.

The Aeria-Biped, which is an interesting experiment in figuring out easier ways to make Robots walk, was first spotted by IEEE spectrum. 

The Ariel-Biped reduces gravity by wearing the quadcopter as a hat. This mechanism of reversing gravity is used by astronauts to facilitate motion. 

There was another robot built by a researcher at UCLA who designed a robot named Ballu who works on a similar concept of reversing gravity. 

The lead researcher responsible for designing Aerial-Biped, Azumi Maekawa from the University of Tokyo states to IEEE that “although this method of locomotion is novel, it’s not exactly practical. It wouldn’t be as useful for, say, delivering packages or search-and-rescue operations (commonly mooted tasks for bipedal bots.)” 

“We aim to develop a biped robot that has the ability to display desired motions, including various dances, in addition to walking,” he says, explaining that the design allows for imaginative creations “by enabling movements that have been impossible due to the constraints of the mechanisms.”

(Image:- theverge.com)



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