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Google adds India exclusive features to its Messages App
The app now auto-deletes OTPs and categorizes messages

According to the company blog post, the Google Messages app for Android phones in India gets new features, such as message categories and auto-deletion of OTPs. In addition, the search engine giant also stated that it would offer the option to automatically delete OTP messages 24 hours after they have been received. These features are part of the company’s spam-prevention efforts and will help customers keep their inboxes “clutter-free”.

Google also states that the app will automatically sort messages using AI into categories and keep your personal messages away from bank notifications and special offers. However, the feature is exclusively available for the Google Messages app, so smartphones by Samsung, Xiaomi, and others who use their own proprietory SMS apps will be excluded. Meanwhile, if any user owning the mentioned smartphones wish to avail these features, they have to manually download Google messages and set it as their default SMS app. That’s the glory of android.

Auto-delete OTP messages

A dedicated tab for OTP messages is integrated into the app. Unfortunately, OTP messages are usually only used once, as you may know, and that too from the notifications panel, so they keep piling up and clutter up your inbox.

Auto-delete OTP messages - Google Messages

Image Source: Google India

To assist users in keeping their inbox clutter-free and easy-to-manage, Google Messages will automatically delete OTP messages 24 hours after the user receives them. Given the purpose of OTP messages, the time for such messages is more than sufficient.

Message Categories

Google Messages will now automatically categorize your messages depending on the type, with automatic message filtering powered by Google’s AI. For example, making all your bank invoices and transaction-based messages is listed under the new Transactions tab. Chat conversations with friends and family are listed under the Personal tab.

Message Categories - Google Messages

Image Source: Google India

According to Google, the app sorts messages and distributes them to appropriate groups using machine learning algorithms. Furthermore, because the sorting takes place on the device rather than on a cloud-based server, you’ll be able to access all of your messages even when you’re not connected to the internet.

According to Google, the new features will be available in India in the “coming weeks” for Android phones running version 8 and up. One of the company’s spokesmen declined to comment on the possibility of a global release.

Google also introduced end-to-end encryption for RCS protocol recently. While, last year, the company announced the global rollout of the Rich Communication Service (RCS) protocol for its Messages app, allowing it to compete with Apple’s iMessage and third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. In contrast to standard text messages, which require connectivity to cellular networks, RCS can deliver messages via Wi-Fi or mobile data. In addition, with the adoption of the RCS protocol, users can also exchange photos, GIFs, emoji, stickers, videos, and audio messages with their contacts, which was not possible with traditional SMS.



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