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Google Now Moves For Self Delivery Truck; Patents The Idea


Google12 February, 2016, USA: Google, one of the world’s biggest software giants has recently received patent award for the idea of ‘Self Delivery Truck’. The current move suggests that the company will be rolling out this innovative idea soon in the market. According to the officials, Google will drive a delivery truck to a customer; the customer will come out and then he can unlock his delivery locker either by code, credit card or Near Field Communication (NFC) such as smartphone. Once the customer receives the order, the truck will drive off automatically to its next destination.


The latest edition to Google’s technology (Self Delievery Truck) indicates that the company is working aggressively in field of innovation. However, Amazon is also working on the similar delivery plan but its mode of delivery is drone. Although certainly science-fiction-y, people are much more accustomed to seeing delivery trucks rolling around than they are seeing drones flying overhead. So, by that fact alone, the Google autonomous trucks have that going for them.

With this new patent awarded to Google, company is looking very positive about bringing the innovative idea into reality soon. If all goes by the plan, people will soon see these ‘Self Delivery Trucks’ hovering around their houses.



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