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Google Pixel Watch speculated to arrive in 2022
The Google Pixel Watch is expected to be released in 2022, read out to know more:

Google Pixel Watch speculated to arrive in 2022

Google Pixel Watch speculated to arrive in 2022
Image Credits: Jitu (Twitter)

We’ve been waiting for Google to release a wristwatch capable of competing with the Apple Watch for the title of best smartwatch for years. According to a fresh report, the showdown may eventually take place in 2022.

Google’s Pixel hardware department is hard at work on an in-house smartwatch that would allegedly link with incoming Pixel phones, similar to how Apple Watches pair with iPhones.

In fact, the new watch is likely to be Google’s attempt to compete directly with Apple in the wearables industry, and it is slated to be released in 2022.

According to an unidentified Insider source, the watch hasn’t been officially unveiled or named yet, but analysts are referring to it as the Google Pixel Watch unofficially.

Unfortunately, Google appears to be keeping things under wraps for the time being, as it has previously denied speculations about the watch.

The business paid $2.1 billion for Fitbit earlier this year, but according to Insider, the Fitbit staff is not collaborating on the Google Pixel Watch in any way. We don’t know much about what to expect from the watch just now.

It will include basic functionality like step tracking and heart rate monitoring, and Google’s acquisition of Fitbit may result in some form of Fitbit integration with Wear OS (codenamed “Nightlight”).

Unlike Google, Samsung now provides the greatest Android wristwatch in the shape of the Galaxy Watch 4. Presently, few more smartwatches competing on Google’s platform, but that might change if the company develops its own rival. Nobody knows how much a Google Pixel Watch will cost. According to a source close to The Verge, Google’s watch might cost more than Fitbit.

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