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Google releases search panels to prevent vaccine misinformation

As new COVID-vaccines continue to rollout Google releases search panels in order to prevent the spread of wrong information. This will help the general public to stay more vigilant and updates regarding the latest updates in the field of vaccine releases. The primary motive behind this is to educate people and help people know about how the vaccines actually work.

As of now, the new search panels are being rolled out in the UK where Pfizer just got approved. And as more countries and regions continue to authorize specific vaccines or make new ones the search panels will be available there. Google also aims to help people know how they can get shots of the vaccine and also when and where.

Google launches search panels

Benefits of the search panels

Google’s search panels are going to be a huge relief for a lot of people who are finding it difficult to trust the information of the latest vaccines. Helping to stop the spread of misinformation, it will also help guide people to go and get a vaccine shot and be safe from COVID. Plus, it is probable that we can have the information of all the approved vaccines in one place.

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