Google to integrate “Maps” widget within Calendar in Workspace

Source: 9to5Google

Google is of one of the most iconic companies of all time with multiple products and services that make the everyday better in some form or the other. The fact that the company introduces products that we didn’t think we needed until we have our hands on it, is phenomenal and maybe this is the reason for its sustenance in the top five companies around the globe.

Having said that, the Android maker is introducing yet another simplicity tool that is intended towards boosting our productivity during work mode. Yes, Google is integrating the Maps widget within the Calendar application in Google Workspace, a feature that was not needed until we got our hands on it.

As we are progressing to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic with the coordinated vaccination drives throughout the world, the economy is slowly opening up again and businesses have started to conduct offline meetings, official tours among other things that require in-person attendance. You cannot truly imagine a world where people get to enjoy the experiences of life and the productivity of in-person interactions from sitting behind a computer. The search engine company wants to be ready for when the world opens up again, where it is safe to conduct businesses face to face (without face masks) and for that, it is introducing Google Maps integration right within your go-to Calendar application in Workspace.

In theory, this integration is meant to enhance your productivity by marking off locations where you can set a meeting, check the distance of the venue from your location and side-by-side confirm the time and date of the meeting, considering your commute time. All of these things were done earlier as well before setting up a meeting with Google Calendar, but users had to switch between the Workspace Calendar application and Google Maps application to calculate the decision. This integration of Maps within Calendar will let you point in the right direction, keeping your ETA in mind.

Users using G Suite Basic, Workspace and G Suite Business will be able to leverage the benefits of this new feature within the next two weeks. It is a simple addition that will significantly boost your productivity in office workspaces.

Speaking of integrations, in recent events; Facebook and Spotify are also partnering over “Project boombox” where Facebook will integrate Spotify within its application for in-app listening and browsing your favourite music and podcasts without having to exit the Facebook world.

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