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Google Wallet’s Hands-Free Payment Update Can Make Contactless Payment Obsolete

google wallet hands-free payment

A new patent application indicates Google Wallet can soon automatically make hands-free payments without user inputs.

Google is going to take Google Wallet one step ahead of the contactless payment. It will allow you to make payments without even removing your card or smartphone from your pocket.

All you will have to do is to approve a merchant’s request to pay your bill using Hands-Free feature. Yes, Google Wallet’s Hands-Free Payment is going to be the next feature of Google Wallet App. A recent patent application by Google reveals the information.

Now I know you are wondering how this feature will be working and what all will be required. Hence a detailed explanation is here for you:

Let say you are in a Nike’s outlet for purchasing running shoe for your next marathon. The sales counter of Nike accepts Hands-Free payment for which they have a beacon installed. Yes beacon, not bacons.

A beacon lets your Google Wallet app know that “hey, I’m here and you can do Hand Free payments!” Its main function is to broadcast its presence to smartphones around.

Hence, when you enter the store, your phone receives an alert/request — sent by Nike’s beacon from sales counter– that you can do Hands Free payment here.

You approve the request and continue your shopping. Meanwhile you are shopping, your Google Wallet App sends a payment token to Nike’s sales counter as well as to Google Wallet’s Payment server.

After an hour you are done shopping Air Blue Presto Ultra shoe and Miler t-shirt.

Now you move to the payment counter. The salesperson there packs your items. No need to swipe or touch your card. That’s it!

How will this be possible you may be wondering? Aren’t you?

Remember I mentioned that your Google wallet sends a payment token to Nike’s sales counter and to its payment server, too? Great, you really are attentive.

So when you approach payment counter to make payment, Nike’s payment system knows that you can make Hands Free payment and that your Google Wallet has already sent a payment token. Like the Wallet, It also sends that token to Google Wallet’s Payment server.

The Wallet’s Payment server when receives same token, approve the transfer of money and your payment gets made.

So you get your shopping bag from the salesperson and leave the store. If your shopping cart can read the barcodes and generates the bill, you may not even have to go to the sales counter!

This combined with the upcoming offline payment feature of the App has potential to take our shopping experience to a new height where we are free from the hassle of standing in queues to make payments.

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Image Source: Engadget