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Grayscale and Time will work together to make crypto education videos

As cryptocurrencies are getting more popular, the need to make people more educated about them is increasing. Even at this point, most people don’t know what exactly Bitcoin or Ethereum is, or any coin for that matter. While I am very sure there will be a group that is more inclined towards believing that crypto is a fraud. So, for all those people Grayscale and TIME have partnered up to make educational videos on cryptocurrencies. Under this partnership, TIME and its CEO will also accept payments in Bitcoin.

TIME joining the crypto industry

Grayscale and Time will make crypto educational videos

Being one of the biggest magazines in the US, it is really big that it will join the crypto industry. In addition to making crypto education videos, the magazine company will also add crypto to its balance sheet. This will put it among the top companies that are publicly traded and deal with Bitcoin. At the same time, with their reach and content, real education on crypto can be provided to readers. This will make this crypto community a lot bigger and sophisticated. After all, knowledge is the biggest of all and is an essential part of any investment culture.

‘TIME’ is not wasting time as they are also looking for a pro-crypto CFO to help them transform the firm into a crypto-forward company. If you are into such things are love Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, you can also apply for the job. As per the company, the media industry is revolutionizing, and so they also need to make changes to keep up with the current pace of growth.

TIME is also into NFTs

Yes, you read that right; another booming sector that the company has joined is NFT. It has already auctioned three covers of its magazines as NFTs as a super rare collection in the market. The name of these NFTs are “Is God Dead?”, “Is Truth Dead?” and “Is Fiat Dead?”. Considering the fact that how fast the company is adapting to the various sectors of crypto, it doesn’t seem to be a far-fetched idea for them to make educational videos about the same. In fact, since Bitcoin and Ethereum are trading at their all-time highs, it is a perfect time for the partnership between TIME and GRAYSCALE.

What are your thoughts on the idea of making crypto educational videos under the TIME and Grayscale partnership? And do you think it will be able to change the perspective of at least some people? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like it and share it with your friends.

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