Haywards 5000 Announces Launch Of The Second Season Of India’s First Startup Reality Program – Haywards 5000 Hauslay Ki Udaan

11 April, 2016, Mumbai: ‘Haywards 5000 Hauslay Ki Udaan’ is India’s first start-up reality program that aims to support the entrepreneurial spirit of those Indians who have an innate resolve to succeed in spite of various challenges. This initiative has been introduced by Haywards 5000 Hausla Buland Academy.

To announce the second season, Haywards 5000 Hausla Buland Academy has also launched their new TVC campaign – ‘Naa Se Haan Tak.’ The TVC showcases the challenges of an aspiring entrepreneur who hails from a small town of India. Inspite of being rejected by everyone, his will to fulfil his dream motivates to make his business idea a reality. He charts his own path and reaches his next milestone.

Haywards 5000 will conduct auditions across the nation, which will serve as a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs from small towns to showcase their innovative business ideas and share their stories of unrelenting resolve. The participants will be mentored by the interview panel consisting of well-known entrepreneurs and industry experts as well as Hausla Buland Academy’s professional counsellors through online and offline mediums. The winning idea will receive a seed funding of Rs. 15 Lakh from the academy.

The finalists will be selected  based on a combination of factors including market opportunity, uniqueness of the idea, growth potential, strategy, enthusiasm and passion, knowledge of the industry, realistic goals, and total investment required. The auditions will be held in the following cities: Gurgaon, Faridabad, Jaipur, Pune, Nagpur, Kolkata, Bangalore, Secunderabad, Rohtak, Ludhiana, Amritsar and Mohali. The auditions will begin in July 2016. Entries are open until the date of the auditions. Participants can register on www.hauslabulandacademy.com to participate in Hauslay Ki Udaan.

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