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Here’s how to make your own Google Assistant home routine

Google today carried out another component on Google Assistant that empowers Assistant customers globally to make their sunrise or sunset schedules. ‘For example, you can consequently have your family room lights turn on and the sprinklers start when the sun goes down. It’s not difficult to set up,” Google clarified in a blog entry.

Google adds various pre-made Routines in the Google Home app, but you can build your custom Routines as well. There’s everything from automating your workday to adjusting bedtime to changing the lights based on whether you’re home or away.

One downside to Routines is that they’re deemed to be caused by voice commands. That’s fine most of the time, but in some circumstances, it’s not ideal. The simplest method is to design a home screen shortcut that will quickly run the Routine with a tap.

However, did you know that Google Assistant appears with a point that allows users to design home routines that are tailored to their needs?

So, here’s how you create your own Google Assistant home routine:

First, start with the Google Home app on your Android device, then click on  the “Routines” button in the top section.

nt 2. Choose the Routine that you want to create a shortcut for.

tap bedtime


3. Click the phone icon in the top bar.

tap the phone icon in the top bar

4. A pop-up window will arrive with a home screen icon for the Routine. You can touch and hold the icon to set it manually on your home screen or choose “Add Automatically” to have it placed for you.

add the shortcut to your home screen

5. Now, with the icon on your home screen, you can just tap it to run the Routine. A Google Assistant screen will arrive and effect the commands.

shortcut on the home screen

6. That’s it! This is a best way to put your most-used Routines within easy reach.



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