10 Qualities To Look For While Hiring Your Core Team !

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Hiring a core team can become a rather challenging task. With a large number of applicants, talented and qualified in various fields, choosing a few who can become the most important part of the job can be a difficult thing to do. Every company wants a core team which will lead it forward and make it gain the most success it can. So they try to find people who are most suitable to fit in in the company and work efficiently. Here are a few qualities that companies often look up while hiring their core team.

1. Interest

How much a person knows about the company, how interested he/she is to work with that company, is what matters the most while selecting your core team. A person who doesn’t know about the company, won’t be able to comprehend the kind of work the company may require him/her to do.

2. Skills

Whether or not a particular person possesses the skills that are required in a company proves as a deciding factor as to whether the person will be able to work for the company. The skills or talents of a person is important to go through while interviewing him/her for the core team.

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3. Multitasking Capability

Let’s face it, companies now a days have too much work and pressure. The core team members need to have the energy and ability to multitask to cope up with the work load.

4. Leadership Qualities

The core team members need to be influential, as they will lead the entire work force. Thus, they must have good leadership skills, without being too dominating or overpowering. They should be supportive, yet must be able to get work done.


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5. Attitude

Like mentioned above, the core members should not be dominating. They should not possess any bad attitude that people may catch on to. Core teams need to be supportive, helpful and at the same time, ready to do whatever it takes to get the work done. This attitude matters a lot in a long term process.

6. Smartness

Obviously, smart and intelligent people would make the best team. The core team needs to be intelligent enough to deal with day to day challenges and get more clients and customers for the company.

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7. Problem Solving Ability

Yup. A company, no matter how big or small, tends to lend up in soup every now and then. The core members need to have a quick sense of problem solving ability to get the company out of the mess. Not every intelligent, good with studies person has this particular quality. So while interviewing, provide the applicant with a hypothetical situation and check how they plan to deal with it.

8. Team Management

Working as a team is most important for members of the core committee. If the core team doesn’t get well together, than how will the company succeed? Checking for good team spirit and management qualities will prove usefull while hiring a core team.

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9. Responsive

The core team members need to be quick to response to problems or need to be able to make quick decisions. The responsiveness for a customer complain directly impacts the customer retention of a company.

10. Dedication

If you are not dedicated to the company or the job, then how can you succeed, or for that matter, how would the company grow? Dedication is an important factor to look for, not only for the core team, but for every worker of the company.