How AI is Changing the Online Gambling Landscape

The world is changing at a fast pace and technology is at the forefront of those changes. While technological advances in health screening, producing medicines, and hospital equipment are helping to boost the average life expectancy across the world, other areas of tech are focused on making all those extra years easier and more fulfilling. 

To push tech in the right direction, it was always left up to humans to decide what needed to be done next and tell the machines what was required. But those days are fading fast and developments in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) are making it possible for the machines to learn what we want without us needing to say anything.

How do machines learn?

With a robotic approach to problem-solving, you are able to save time, money, and increase the chances of success. It’s true to say that computers are subject to initial failings — in their infancy, these predetermined processes are only as good as their mortal maker — but they are instantly able to learn from their mistakes in a completely objective way that humans just aren’t capable of.

The term AI was coined in 1955 and since then it has been both the subject of inspiration and fear in the eyes of the general public. With robots seemingly thinking for themselves, people start to see them as human and fears over their capabilities arise.

But are they actually thinking for themselves? In theory, yes, but not in a way that should cause alarm.  

In 2020, the world is experiencing the implementation of what is known as narrow AI. In its simplest sense, it is a computer program recording a series of actions and inputs and then realizing when the desired outcome has been achieved. By knowing all of the inputs that were surplus to arriving at the result, the program can update itself and evolve efficiently when that outcome is next required. 

For example, if a robotic system in use in a hospital radiology department has millions of images of tumors and other shadings that are more innocent ingrained in its almost infinite memory, it is well equipped to spot something dangerous immediately. A human working for 50 years in the same department may well build up an impressive memory bank also, but what if your x-ray was being viewed by a doctor who had only been on the job for two years?

How can machine learning be applied to the online gambling industry?


One of the most important features of this type of machine learning in an online casino environment is in identifying when someone is no longer playing for fun. Here, a computer is able to study the thousands of players and learn when they are entering into a problematic pattern. From the perspective of promoting a safe environment that won’t lead to gambling addiction, online casinos need to be increasingly careful that their industry is doing all it can to avoid such problems. Reputable casino sites, like the ones found at invest huge amounts of money into improving online safety.  

User experience

Analyzing the data from individual clients allows machine learning to generate specific offers. Marketers know that for a customer to become a happy repeat client who tells all their friends about you, they need to tailor your experience and make it memorable.

Customer service satisfaction

Online chatbots have been notoriously bad at answering queries in the past. Now, with advancements in AI, it’s possible for the system to understand everything you have done while on that website, access all your necessary data, and decide what needs to happen to satisfy any query.

Stop cheats

People have tried to find advantages over the house for many years, and unfortunately, technology can often be used to try and cheat the system. Owing to the fact that computers work in a purely logical fashion, they are able to spot when a player is not behaving as a human would. Thanks to this type of AI, everybody will benefit from unscrupulous players trying to gain an unfair advantage.

With all forms of online gambling, it’s important to play within your means and if you feel like things are getting out of hand, then it’s time to stop. Head over to BeGambleAware if you would like further help and advice.