How to block UPI apps when the phone is stolen

Call it the coming of UPI and it won’t astonish you in light of the fact that UPI has overwhelmed the world. The exclusive innovation created in India, UPI is an extraordinary method of installment where you simply need to enter the UPI ID or output a scanner tag, and bingo, the installment goes through gave you have entered the right secret word or PIN. Bound together Installment Connection point (UPI) is vigorously utilized in India to such an extent that different nations like the UAE are embracing it too as it makes advanced installments simple.

How To Block PayTM, Google Pay & PhonePe UPI if the Phone is Stolen or Lost
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In any case, things can get monstrous when you lose your telephone or on the other hand assuming that it gets taken. Your telephone holds a ton of delicate information including the UPI ID which is what we were referring to somewhat prior. In spite of the fact that getting your telephone taken is something else, the advancements embraced by these hoodlums and cybercriminals can hoodwink you of lacs of rupees on the off chance that you don’t make a legitimate move for example deleting the items in your telephone and hindering any banking applications including UPI applications. Here is a to-go aide on how you can obstruct PayTM, Google Pay, and PhonePe UPI.
How To Obstruct PayTM UPI?
We should see precisely the way in which you can hinder PayTM UPI on the off chance that you lose your telephone. This is the way.
Step #1: Call the PayTM Installments Bank helpdesk at 01204456456 to begin.
Step #2: Following up, pick the “Lost Telephone” choice.
Step #3: Next, select “Enter an alternate number” and afterward, type the telephone number you lost.
Step #4: Select the choice to log out from every one of the gadgets utilizing the equivalent login qualifications.
Step #5: Next, go to PayTM’s site ( and select the choice “24×7 assistance”.
Step #6: You want to pick “Report a Fake” from among different choices accessible installed.
Step #7: When you select the suitable issue, tap on “Message Us”.
Step #8: The following screen will request you to demonstrate the possession from the record by presenting a charge or financial record, email, or SMS affirmation, as well as some documentation, for example, a police report demonstrating that your telephone was lost or taken.
Step #9: When all the data is affirmed and checked, you will get a message affirming that your PayTM account and UPI have been briefly impeded except if you thaw it.
How To Obstruct Google Pay UPI?
How about we perceive how you can impede Google Pay UPI utilizing these basic bit by bit directions.
Step #1: Right off the bat, dial 18004190157 on any cell phone to contact client care.
Step #2: Converse with the particular client assistance agent to answer their inquiries and request that they block your Google Pay account.
Step #3: Rehash the accompanying strategy in light of in the event that you are utilizing Android or iOS.
For Android: You can get to research Find My Telephone on some other telephone or PC and wipe every one of the information remotely which incorporates Google Pay too. Here, you have effectively cleaned every one of the information which means Google Pay is briefly inaccessible for any individual who could have hands on your telephone.
For iOS: You can remotely eradicate information utilizing the Find My application and different apparatuses approved by Apple.
How to Obstruct PhonePe UPI?
Managing a lost or taken telephone is more unfortunate when you have a Google Pay or PhonePe UPI that could open up entryways for programmers to get it. Accordingly, it is enthusiastically prescribed to get both the telephone and the information it stores which incorporates UPI applications like PhonePe. How about we perceive how you can really impede PhonePe UPI on your taken or lost telephone.
Step #1: Start by dialling 02268727374 or 08068727374.
Step #2: Next, you want to specify the telephone number related with the PhonePe record to report it.
Step #3: Enter the OTP when required in the event that you have the SIM card or disaster will be imminent, select ‘report the departure of a SIM or gadget.
Step #4: You will be associated with a client support delegate where you can report the occurrence or misrepresentation and request that they block your PhonePe account.
Step #5: Confirm that your PhonePe account has been hindered. You can now search out another telephone and port your old telephone number to another SIM card and re-dynamic every one of the administrations very much like the ones that were accessible beforehand.