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How to Bypass Location in Online Casino: How to Play Fanduel in Restricted State

Why Do Players Use VPN for Online Gambling?

Most countries are divided into those that support and prohibit gambling. Nations, where gambling is permitted, include the United States, Monaco, Malta, Great Britain, India, Australia, Canada, and many others. Most of the states still do not support the gambling policy. Among such countries, there are Russia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Iran, UAE, Japan, Brazil, and many others. In these countries, gamblers are trying to solve the problem of casino absence by using VPN. This program creates a unique network for the player to be able to enter the site or online gambling app using a new location.

State Online Gambling Restrictions

How does online gambling work if many sites simply block access, make restrictions and set buyers? Using a VPN to bypass is also illegal because clients are fraudulently violating the state laws. Next, we will consider countries that allow online gambling, and where you can play without prohibitions.

  • The United Arab Emirates. According to the religion of this country, gambling is a sin. Therefore, it is prohibited. In the territory of certain fear laws block gambling sites. 
  • Australia. This state allows any gambling activity on its territory. The most popular in this territory among players are free online slots and pokies of various themes.
  • Cambodia. The country has changed its attitude towards gambling, and now it is in a promising direction in development.
  • North Korea. This country has the most severe penalties for gambling. Several years ago, an execution was arranged for violations for playing slots.
  • Singapore. The gambling market is growing and activities in establishments are allowed. Therefore, this wonderful place where to gamble is profitable and safe.
  • Japan. Any gambling is prohibited in the country.
  • US (New Jersey). This state is the second gambling capital in the United States thanks to Atlantic City.

Fact: In addition, the reason for the restrictions may be bad internet, which affects the connection to the gambling site. For example, in Australia, this is a common cause, and there are a number of the most important factors that have the greatest impact on it.

VPN for Online Gambling Without Restrictions

Most states have already approved gambling and sports betting.  To play in countries where gambling is prohibited, players need to use a VPN. Many games work well when launching a VPN, and do not slow down or break off halfway. The following are the most popular places where to gamble online using the virtual network.

Note: Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington, Oregon, California, West Virginia are available for online gambling.

  • Casinos are available online in almost half of the US states, Australia, Canada, and most of Europe. They come in different types and specialties: poker rooms, live dealer casinos, real money slots, casinos, pokies and many others. Any VPN can be used to play in the casino in places when sites ban online gambling.
  • Sport betting is not as common as casinos. This does not prevent players from other countries from using the location change app for sports betting. Many bookmakers accept VPN customers and allow them to bet and win. Bookmakers can co-exist with a casino and offer their services in lobbies. If you want to use it easily and without restrictions, I advise you to try VPN for sports betting.
  • Blackjack is present in most casinos as a card game. This is a common offering among casino games. Blackjack can be played for free or paid against the computer. Live dealer mode is available for a fee for players. If customers use VPN systems, casinos still allow them to play card games presented on internet gambling sites. First of all, determine is online blackjack legal and whether it requires the use of a VPN.
  • Real money pokies are only available within Australia as this is the national name for slot machines. In other countries, they are more accustomed to slots. There are many different types of pokies in casino lobbies that have multiple reels and paylines. Casino sites feature artwork from Australian developers, allowing other players to experience the flavor of a VPN. While playing, you may come across different types of widgets, for example the Wheel of Fortune or Lucky Spin, which are used as add-ons to your classic pokies.
  • Poker is available in most countries through numerous tournaments. Many nations compete with each other to choose the best player in the poker world. This card game is available to all players in the USA, Australia, Canada, and other countries where gambling is allowed. Many poker rooms are available for players who use a VPN system and even allow them to take part in tournaments.
  • Free slot machines are allowed in 25 or more states, Australia, Canada, European countries, and so on. This is the most widespread entertainment among gambling. The casinos offering slot machines accept players from different countries where gambling is prohibited. Users can enjoy instant play slots online free with VPN depending on their geolocation. Thus, you can gamble online USA, Australia, Canada, and European countries. Using a VPN you have a wonderful opportunity to try online real money slots in your country and get cash bonuses. What is more, VPN players can freely access all kinds of online casinos real money and get the most out of their custom network to change their location.

Note: If you come across sites that have really strict rules about playing from different accounts and one device, one of the best ways to get around GamStop is using VPN.

Risks of VPN Gambling

Despite the obvious positives of using a VPN, customers should be aware of the potential risks and consequences that can affect the casino experience. It is illegal to create a network outside laws, and in some countries, it is even illegal, which can lead to bad consequences. The following are the most common risks and reasons why using a VPN in an online gambling app is dangerous for players.

  1. Law violation. In many countries, for example, in Russia, Belarus, and the East countries, it is prohibited to use any methods of bypassing geoblocks and changing location. Using a VPN, players can be criminally liable, which can result in a fine or even arrest for breaking the law. It is important to know the laws of the country in which VPN clients are trying to use the application for their purposes. Otherwise, this action may end fatally. Therefore, one should be careful while using a PN for playing casinos or sports betting online, in states that ban online gambling.
  2. Blocking a casino account. Players can lose all profile data if the casino is against the use of extraneous resources. So, the information that is available in the casino can be used against the client for the personal purposes of the casino without the gambler’s knowledge. A casino can spread customer information among other casinos by making players illegal in the online gaming industry. Therefore, one should be careful not to give the casino a reason to use the data for bad selfish purposes. And there are many reasons why is online gambling illegal in certain regions, the only way out is to look for solutions.
  3. Loss of money. Because the casino can stop cooperating with the players, it can also take all the deposits and winnings made by them. This can lead to large losses of funds invested in casino games. One should regularly withdraw money if there is uncertainty that cooperation with the casino is optimal for both parties. By withdrawing funds on each visit, customers will be able to control the financial side of the issue and not be afraid to use a VPN. It is especially important to pay attention to users from countries where gambling is illegal.
  4. Information leak. Using a VPN free version, there is a risk that customer information can be used for other services and sites. This way, players cannot be completely sure that the data stored on the VPN server has not been transferred to third parties. Therefore, players need to provide a paid VPN subscription not to worry about information being lost or used against its owner. Customers can delete casino profiles and documents in time to minimize the risk of information leakage.

VPN Bypass Restrictions for Fanduel

There are only a few states left where the Fanduel bookmaker is banned. These include Arizona, Alabama, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada and Washington state. In these states, one needs to use a VPN to be able to place sports bets at Fanduel. To understand how to get around fanduel restrictions, you should adhere to the following rules.

  1. Choose a suitable VPN for sports betting. The best solution to this problem is to use ExpressVPN’s fast option. This application will quickly connect players to the required country and allow them to conduct activities on closed sites. Casino customers can use other services that guarantee reliable encryption and anonymity. When choosing a Fanduel VPN, one should pay attention to the connection speed, bandwidth, ability to connect to different countries onto VPN and availability of privacy both in the VPN app and on the Fanduel website.
  2. Launch a VPN for betting and select a country that allows Fanduel. Users must have a stable connection so that the game and bets are not interrupted and are at the highest level. After successfully creating a network for the player, the computer or mobile browser will be able to load the lobbies of the bookmaker’s office. If pages are still unavailable, then it is worth trying another country or state to connect to Fanduel to gamble online.
  3. Go through registration and make their first deposits. After accepting a deposit, customers can receive welcome bonuses and move on to the sports betting process. Thus, using the VPN system, it is easy to get access to the desired bookmaker’s office, thereby getting a chance for games and bets.
  4. Using a VPN allows playing even in US states where it is prohibited. Changing your location may result in the ability to bet on Fanduel and have a better experience without leaving your home state or visiting designated locations. Therefore, by choosing a suitable VPN application, customers can make deposits and bet on the sports they like.

Best Fanduel VPN for Playing in Restricted State

Players should be careful when choosing a VPN to unblock Fanduel. Below are the best options for applications that will open up additional opportunities for access to prohibited sites, both casinos and bookmakers. To reach the Fanduel website, the following applications are the most suitable and reliable. 


Private Internet Access is suitable for visiting various sites. This number includes both the casino and the bookmaker Fanduel. The service is distinguished by reliable data encryption using the latest modern technologies. In addition, the system guarantees anonymous use and keeps data confidential from unauthorized persons. However, many users complain about unstable connections and lack of access to streaming platforms. Customers can connect up to 10 devices at the same time and praise the accessible interface that makes it easy to understand how the application works. To enter the betting site, this service suits one of the best images.


It is one of the most famous VPN app offerings in the world. It has over 12 million users worldwide. Such popularity is a guarantor of the quality of both the free and paid versions of the VPN system. Players can connect to 60 countries, which are available with one click of the mouse. A mobile version is available for mobile devices, which can be downloaded from the app store. By turning on the app, you can get a secure connection that remains private. What’s more, the app guarantees a stable connection without crashes or interruptions. For betting on Fanduel, this service can come in handy.


It allows you to connect to different countries on up to 7 devices, to visit sites using different networks. So players using the paid version can get reliable data protection, anonymity and a closed connection and connection from other users and even an Internet provider. Your visit to the Fanduel website will remain confidential and billing and personal information will not be passed on to other servers for third-party use. The system is available for operating systems of computers and mobile devices. This way, on any device, customers will be able to place their bets on the Fanduel website.


It has a unique encryption technology that reliably protects players’ browsing history. So, using both mobile and stationary devices, users can play in casinos and place bets at bookmakers, including on Fanduel. The disadvantages of the system are the use of the client cache to create statistics without warning its owners. The advantage is the excellent relocation to any country in the world thanks to the large selection of available countries. This way, the app can provide a reliable and affordable connection to the Fanduel site for a small subscription fee.


It is the fastest VPN app available. For sports betting, this service is one of the best, since it reliably hides all data of players’ financial transactions. The application has versions for computers and mobile devices. Even on a mobile phone, customers will be able to connect to another country out of 30 available and go to the Fanduel website. This will allow customers to make the right connection, which will work stably and without hiccups even with a poor Internet connection. Anonymity is guaranteed even for the Internet provider since all actions are hidden and closed from third parties. Sometimes the VPN can be blocked by Flash Player, stopping many functions.

Steps to Get Unlock Fanduel

Fanduel is a bookmaker that is not available in several states of the United States and other countries around the world. To gain access, players need to install a VPN, as this method is a solution to the problem of geoblocks from different countries’ laws. The following is a step-by-step instruction on how to install the application properly and start full-fledged work with it.

Step 1: Choose a VPN App. One can choose from the above methods to bypass geoblocks or search the Internet for a suitable option. The choice of service should be approached taking into account many factors. For example, players need to read reviews about the selected application, take into account its pros and cons. Then only the client can be satisfied with the PN application. Additionally, one should take into account its cost because many services are expensive and require a lot of money for a month or a year of subscription. It is necessary to stop at the paid version of the service for the sake of your safety and reliable connection to the network of another country.

Step 2: Buy the Paid Version. After choosing a system, players must go through the purchase and payment process for the application. If the VPN is downloaded to a mobile device, then you need to go to the Google Play or App Store to install the official version. By paying for a subscription with a card, e-wallet, or even cryptocurrency, customers can finally launch the app and start using it. However, before that, it is worth checking the subscription and its successful purchase.

Step 3: Create an Account. After purchasing the application, players need to activate the subscription. This is possible when you create your account, which will only be available to the owner of the subscription. So the client needs to come up with a password and login, and enter personal and payment information in the appropriate fields of the questionnaire. Next, a profile will be created that will be used to create your virtual network.

Step 4: Launch the Application. After creating a profile, the player can proceed to launch the system to gamble online legally. Before activating, you need to select the country that is most suitable for betting on Fanduel. After activating the network, the system connects to a new connection in the selected country, which was specified before activating the VPN. This way the user can start playing and placing bets, taking full advantage of the VPN system.

Bypass of Restricted Location Message in Fanduel

Sometimes players receive a message that they cannot visit the Fanduel website. This can be due to several factors. The first and obvious factor is that Fanduel is banned in some regions. Next, there is a list of states where the bookmaker’s website does not work due to the ban. Then you can see a list of regions and understand whether you gamble online or not.

Restricted State:

  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Louisiana
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • Puerto Rico
  • Washington.

Following steps to gain access to the site: 

  • Turn your device off and back on. Restarting your device helps you start all over again on your phone or computer. Then the system will be updated and then you can try again to access the website of the bookmaker Fanduel.
  • Clear the cache on your device. If restarting the device did not help, then it is worth cleaning the device’s memory. So it can be filled in and needs extra space to load the site.
  • Reset the location settings on your device. If the previous actions were unsuccessful, then you should restart the location of the selected device. This will help the site redefine where the player is.
  • Reset your Wi-Fi connection. If all else fails, you can restart your internet connection. Then, after restarting the router, the player will be able to evaluate the result of the action.
  • Try a different device. If the player has the opportunity to check the connection on another device, then this action is necessary. It will help you assess if there is a problem with the original device or a problem with another.

Best VPN Legal Gambling Sites

Many sites do not accept players from different countries. This factor also applies to the United States, the casino may be available in some countries, but closed in several other states. The following sites are not available in the US, but with a VPN they can be on American mobile and landline devices.

  1. Roobet. This casino is available in most of Latin America. It is prohibited in Europe and the United States. Therefore, to play at one of the most promising casinos, you need to use a VPN. Private Internet Access is best suited for this purpose since it uses the best connection in the United States. Moreover, among the countries available for a connection there are countries in which Roobet casino is available. By launching the application, players will be able to choose, for example, Colombia, to go to the casino. After downloading and creating a network, customers will have access to the casino lobby and can start playing. It’s very important to only select the trusted and best Roobet VPN.
  2. PokerStars. In 2021, the PokerStars poker site will become available in the US. However, nowadays, toVPNVPNay on one of the best poker sites, you need to use a VPN. ExpressVPN is best suited for this purpose, as it allows connections from countries in Europe where the site is legal. Customers can launch the application and get the most out of poker and VPN systems in this online gamble. Moreover, users will be able to take part in tournaments, of which there are a large number of them on the site. The main thing is to make sure that the connection is stable and will work without interruptions and additional problems.
  3. Bovada. US players can bet on sports using the bookmaker’s website. These services are not available for the CIS countries and Russia. It is licensed by Curacao, which guarantees the legal operation of the site in different countries. Thus, when betting on sports, players do not have to worry about their data. For states where sports betting is not legal, you can use NordVPN. Thus, by launching the application, customers will receive unique networks that will not be available to unauthorized persons, but real ones only for application users. Thus, the Bovada VPN will allow you to place bets.
  4. PokiesLab. On this site you can find a selection of the best real money slots, pokies in Australia. To register for non-Australian users, they need to connect to the VPN app. It will open access to the forbidden page, and players will be able to spin the reels of slot machines, for example, located in the United States, and play online games for money. The use of a unique network guarantees anonymity and confidentiality, and no one will be able to know that the user is using an illegal connection. For example, CyberGhost’s stable connection and strong encryption protects your visit from unauthorized third parties.

Top Frequently Asked Question

  1. Where in the USA are there no gamble online restrictions?

Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington, Oregon, California, West Virginia are places where is online gambling legal.

  1. What is the best VPN for sports betting and is it illegal to gamble online?

It is illegal to gamble using a VPN because gamblers trick the government and violate the law. However, many casinos and bookmakers accept clients who use the VPN system.ExpressVPN is the best VPN for sports betting for its speed, anonymity, and security.

  1. What is the most popular New Jersey VPN?

Private Internet Access is one of the most popular New Jersey VPN that solves your problem of how to gamble online. The application has reliable protection that protects player data from unauthorized third parties. In addition, it has a large selection of countries that can be selected to change the location of the players.

  1. How to bypass Fanduel location with VPN?

Online betting is illegal, and not available in all states and countries. Therefore, many players use VPNs to enter prohibited sites. Players need to download and install the application, launch it and select the country through which the entrance to the casino will be allowed. This will begin the creation of an individual network that can trick geoblocks and change locations. It is best to check the list of countries where online gambling is legal before starting the game.



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