How to change username on tiktok?

On TikTok, your username is put on each video you make, so it merits considering picking a name that would address your substance in a perfect world. Subsequently, changing a TikTok username is in many cases a sensible longing. Maybe your current username isn’t producing the accompanying merits, or you need to rebrand your TikTok account.

How To Change Your TikTok Username In 5 Easy Steps
Source: Hootsuite Blog

Fortunately, the stage generally permits changing a username through your record settings. What’s more, the cycle takes only a couple of taps to finish. This article will tell you the best way to change a username on TikTok bit by bit. For your benefit, we’ll tell you the best way to make it happen through the application for both iPhone and Android and give you a few hints to pick the right username.

Note: In TikTok, the username is gone before by a @ sign and distinguishes you from different clients, so individuals can find or label you. TikTok permits changing a username just once at regular intervals. In any case, you can change your username on TikTok however many times as you wish and, surprisingly, go this way and that. There is likewise a 24-character limit.
Additionally, your username should be extraordinary, and that implies two clients can’t have the equivalent username. What’s more, you are simply allowed to incorporate letters, numbers, highlights, and periods in your username. In any case, periods can’t be put toward the finish of your username.
Likewise significant, changing your username will likewise change your TikTok URL. In this way, you should refresh the username data you give on another site or media stage.
The most effective method to change a username on the TikTok iPhone Application
Send off the TikTok application.
Sign in to your record.
Tap the Profile symbol.
Tap on the Alter Profile button.
Open the username segment and tap your current username.
Eliminate your old username and type in another one.
Tap the Save button.
Look at the outcome.

Assuming that a red message shows up after you have composed a new username, it implies you have picked one that doesn’t accommodate TikTok’s prerequisites. Likewise, your ideal username could currently be taken by another client. Accordingly, you want to continue to transform it until you see the green mark of approval under it.
Step-by-step instructions to change a username on the TikTok Android Application
Send off the TikTok application.
Sign in to your record.
Tap on the Me symbol in the base right corner of the primary screen.
Tap on the Alter Profile choice.
Tap the Username, which shows your current Username.
Supplant your old Username with another one.
Tap the Save button.
Look at the outcome.
Like the iPhone Application, it will show on the off chance that it’s an extraordinary username. Keep transforming it until you see the green mark of approval.
How to change a TikTok username without holding it up for 30 days?
You have as of late changed your username however at that point concocted a superior thought for that? Just sit back and relax; holding up for 30 days is superfluous. We take care of you for that event.
The stunt is that you can alter the date and time settings on your cell phone. Follow the means illustrated underneath to sidestep TikTok limitations and change a username without holding up 30 days since you did it last time.
Open the Settings on your cell phone.

Tap General > Date and Time.

Switch off Set Programmed in Date and Time settings.

Physically put it down on the calendar that is somewhere around 30 days sooner.

Check if your schedule shows a back date.

Done. Presently you can go to the TikTok Application and change your TikTok username utilizing one of our directions above.

Even though we have furnished you with the guidelines on the most proficient method to change a username at least a time or two per month, we suggest selecting it cautiously before you make changes. To stay away from wrong choices, read our FAQ which covers the wide range of various subtleties that ought to be thought about while making a new username on TikTok.