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How to get FFIC Gold token in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a third-person action-adventure battle royale game that is exclusively available online. When a participant enters a game, they board an aircraft that will take them over the play island. The player may jump anywhere they choose while the plane is flying over the island, allowing them to select a strategic landing spot away from attackers.

After landing, the player must search for weapons and other useful things. The island is littered with medical supplies, medium and big weaponry, grenades, and other stuff. This necessitates the player eliminating all opponents along the road and guaranteeing that they are the sole survivor.

You can obtain specific instructions on how to obtain the Free Fire FFIC Gold tokens in this post. To collect premium rewards during the FFIC event, you’ll need free Fire FFIC Gold tokens. The following are the specifics.

After completing a certain number of hours of live viewing, Free Fire would award its members. The FFIC event offers a variety of intriguing and unique incentives. With the aid of Gold Tokens, these awards may be redeemed.

Here’s a sneak peek at the prizes.

You’ll need at least one FFIC Gold token to obtain the prizes. You must achieve the Free Fire’s viewing milestone in order to do so.

The following is a list of the rewards that the Free Fire offers. You have to pick anyone you want. The benefits are numerous.

  • 1 gold token for a pushup emote
  • 1 gold token for a Beaston pet
  • 1 gold token for a Skyler
  • 1 gold token for a gun skin

All Free Fire must gather together in order to obtain the FFIC Gold Tokens. The Free Fire typically sets a goal that is difficult to achieve. Many of the previous events’ viewership benchmarks have been missed. As a result, players must band together in order to receive the exciting prizes. First and foremost, you must be aware that the 400K milestone set by Free Fire for the FFIC Grand Finals is difficult to achieve. Typically, 200k live viewers are difficult to come by at any given moment.

So, here are the gimmicks. We’ll simply be able to accomplish the milestone if we can join the live stream at a specific moment. All Free Fire participants are encouraged to attend the FFIC Grand Finals on October 17th at 6:05 PM, according to HELPING GAMER.



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