How to hide people from memories in Google Photos

Google Photos is a photo and video sharing and storage service developed by Google. Different types of machine learning in its service allow the app to carry out several functions, such as recognising the content of photos and videos animate similar photos to form short videos, and improve the quality of photos and videos. Several other updates include shared photo libraries between more than one user, suggested sharing of photos as well as reminders to do so, and physical albums. For the lattermost option, collections are suggested by the service on the basis of face, location, trip, or any other distinction.
The mobile and PC application of Google Photos also has another feature that automatically curates and surfaces old photos in the form of “Memories.” Unfortunately, not all memories are good. And luckily for those who do not have pleasant memories with some people, Google allows you to exclude certain individuals from your Memories. This Memories feature is available to any user of Google Photos who back up their images and videos to the application. In the mobile app, Memories can be seen row at the top of the main “Photos” tab.
To remove someone from your Memories, first open the Google Photos app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile or tablet. Following this, tap your profile icon, which can be found in the top-right corner. Choose the option that reads “Photos Settings” from the menu that will be provided. Navigate to the “Memories” section.
You have the option to hide both people and pets, as well as dates. Select the option, “Hide People & Pets.” Upon selecting this option, a visual list of people and pets – you may or may not have labelled some of them – will appear. Tap on any of the visible “faces” that you would like to remove from the Memories feature. Whenever you tap on the person or pet of your choice, a crossed-out eye icon will appear, which means that this individual will be hidden.
Now you have successfully prevented this person or pet from appearing in your Memories, regardless of what your reason may be. However, it is important to note that if the ones with crossed-out faces are in an image, other people who are also in that image with them will not be in your Memories either.
Description: The mobile and PC application of Google Photos has a feature that automatically curates and surfaces old photos in the form of “Memories.”