Conan Exiles

How to Host a Dedicated Conan Exiles Server
Improve your gaming experience as you battle off with enemies in Conan Exiles

If you are fond of playing as a barbarian while exploring the exiled lands of Hyboria along with your friends, here’s how you can improve your gaming experience as you battle off with enemies in Conan Exiles. There are two options: you can either use the servers provided by the developer or the community or host your own dedicated server. 

Conan Exiles

If this interests you to further elevate your gameplay in the multiplayer mode, here’s a walkthrough on how you can create your own Conan Exiles Server: 


System Requirements

Since this is a massive game that requires significant demands, you’ll really have to comply with these system requirements when hosting Conan Exiles yourself. Here’s what you will need to acquire: 

  • 3.0 GHz CPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 35 GB hard disk space
  • Windows 7 or higher

With these minimum requirements, you can achieve seamless gameplay when playing alone. However, if you plan to play with a group of people, you’ll have to expand and obtain an additional capacity. 


Let’s proceed with the steps on how you can start creating your own dedicated server. 


STEP 1 Establish a connection with the server. 

Connect your remote desktop to your server. Doing so will enable you to control the server directly from your computer. Log in to the customer area as an IONOS customer. On the server area, navigate through the list until you find an appropriate package. Then, the control panel page will automatically open. 

After that, you’ll see a link on the page that pertains to the remote desktop connection for your server settings. If you’re a Windows user, just simply run the file as it obtains software that is pre-downloaded on your Windows operating system. Provide the password that can be found on the server details above the download link. Agree to a certificate to further establish your connection. 


STEP 2 – Releasing of ports. 

Create access for the players and the server. For Conan Exiles, UDP ports 27015 and 7777 have to be released. To do so, select “Firewall Policies” on the network area of the IONOS Cloud Panel. Enter the name of the mentioned two ports on the list. 


STEP 3 – Install SteamCMD

Log in to your server, download the program from an official steam download site. Create a new folder for your SteamCMD and launch it via the Windows Command-Line. 


STEP 4 – Configure the server.

Go to the “StartServer.bat” batch file. Right-click on the file, choose edit, and insert this code: ConanSandboxServer.exe, then use the code to run the file and add these following parameters — ConanSandboxServer.exe -log -MaxPlayers=20 -Port=7777 -QueryPort=27015 


STEP 5 – Play on the server. 

Now that you have successfully executed all the important steps to host your own server, you can now launch Conan Exile on your computer and select Play Online. 


Final Words 

Hosting your own dedicated server may sound technical, but actually, it’s pretty doable since the steps can be easily executed. Now that you have been guided on how to do so and you can achieve the expected results, you can enjoy seamless gameplay with your own dedicated server.