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How to make concrete powder in Minecraft?


Minecraft is one of the most loved games on the planet and it is very popular, specially in America. People love Minecraft and have been playing since ages. New features, new updates come and go, but the essence of Minecraft has stayed over the years and probably that is why there is such a loyal fanbase for this game.

Anyhow, we have found out that many of you have been asking the recipe for concrete powder in Minecraft and we have got that ready for you, so that you can make yours too. However, before you decide on the creating the concrete, you should decide on the colour and get the needed dye for your concrete powder. You can craft your concrete in many different colours such as pink, grey, black, yellow, cyan and white.

The process starts with the players acquiring dye through the process of trading, crating or smelting. The next thing you need to create concrete is concrete powder and here’s how you can make it.

How to make concrete powder in Minecraft?

  1. Open the crafting table.
  2. Combine the following ingredients: 1-dye, 4-gravel blocks, and 4-sand blocks.
  1. Combine these elements together and what you create is called Concrete powder.

Now, if you wish to create concrete from this powder, you will require a water supply, either bucket water or flowing water.

In order to create concrete from the concrete powder, keep your ingredients rights next to the source of water and mix it in a bucket. The concrete would then absorb the water and the concrete would harden into this slumpy concrete mixture. Once it becomes a solid piece of concrete, the player should mine it with a pickaxe or else it will soon disappear.

Remember that the color of your concrete depends on the color of dye that you are using in the mixture. If the players wish to create more concrete blocks, the quicker solution is to have the cement powder right next to flowing water and all these blocks would absorb water and harden itself. Then you can mine the concrete to prevent it from disappearing.

This is basically how you make concrete powder and then concrete in Minecraft.

Minecraft along with some other games have just taken the internet by storm. People are loving these games and playing them all day and all night. For Minecraft, there is a separate fanbase and we love the game as well.