How to measure height using iphone camera

Apple has various secret elements. One of them is an application called “Measure” which utilizes the cameras on your cell phone to assist you with estimating objects. You actually might utilize it to quantify your own or another person’s level assuming you needed, and best of all, it’s genuinely exact.

How To Use iPhone 12 Pro To Measure Person's Height - iOS Hacker
Source: iOS Hacker

Basically open the Action application, point your iPhone at the individual you need to gauge, and guarantee they are apparent on the screen from head to toe.

After a concise second, a line with the individual’s level estimation ought to show up at the highest point of their head. In the Settings application, under Measure – Measure Units, you can pick whether the estimation is shown in feet and inches or centimeters.

– Tap the Take Picture button to catch a photograph of the estimation.

– To save the picture, tap the screen capture in the lower-left corner, then tap Done and select Save to Photographs or Save to Documents.

– You can without much of a stretch access and offer the level estimation picture from your iPhone’s Photographs or Documents whenever.

Kindly remember that the element isn’t accessible on iPhones that don’t have a LiDAR Scanner. The iPhone 12 Master and Star Max, iPhone 13 Ace and Genius Max, and iPhone 14 Ace and Expert Max models all incorporate a LiDAR Scanner close to the back camera, which can be utilized to immediately gauge an individual’s level in Apple’s pre-introduced Measure application.