How to play Cup Pong on iPhone

GamePigeon is an iOS-only mobile gaming app. The app was released on September 13, 2016, by Vitalii Zlotskii as part of the iOS 10 upgrade, which extended how users may interact with the Messages app. As a result, users may access and use the GamePigeon app’s services while being in the Messages app.

Source – Wikihow

Cup Pong is an iMessage (Apple’s messaging platform) game offered through GamePigeon available in the App Store’s iMessage section. You can use GamePigeon to start a real-time digital game of virtual Cup Pong with anyone who uses iMessage once you’ve installed it.

To play iMessage cup pong, participants must first start the game and take turns. The game is really simple to play.

  • There must be two players in the game. For the game to begin competitively, a second person must participate. The first person to toss the ball to the cups is the one who starts the game.
  • To gain a point, the players must place the ball in a cup. In cup pong, there is just one method to score points: by placing the ball inside a mug. It does not count as a score if a ball strikes the ball.
  • Per turn, each player has one try. Each participant will make one try to play the ball. If they put in successfully, they will be given another chance.
  • The cup is removed once a ball has landed in it. When a ball lands within a cup, the cup is placed aside until all of the cups have been removed. All of the cups are returned and placed in a pyramid shape when the game is restarted.
  • The player who successfully throws the ball into the most cups wins the match.

Here is how to play Cup Pong

  • Open the Messages app on your phone. On your home screen, it’s the green-and-white speaking bubble icon.
  • Cup Pong may be played against any of your contacts who utilise iMessage to interact with you on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. If your texts to them show in blue bubbles, you know they’re using iMessage.
  • Tap Game Pigeon after swiping left across the icons. The Game Pigeon icon is a pigeon with a game controller for a face, and it is located above the keyboard and below the typing area.
  • Cup Pong may be found by scrolling down and tapping it. This incorporates a Cup Pong invitation in the message.
  • To send the message, tap the blue-and-white arrow. In the chat, it’s in the bottom-right corner of the typing area. After then, your opponent must tap the invitation to begin their turn.
    You’ll view a video still from the opponent’s game with the word “YOUR TURN” whenever they’ve completed their turn.
  • To see your opponent’s turn, hold down the Cup Pong video. This allows you to relive your opponent’s turn. It’ll be your turn when the colour of the cups changes.
  • It’ll be your turn again when your opponent has completed their turn. Stay close to the vertical line this time, but when you get halfway up the line, deviate slightly left or right (whichever side has more cups remaining). To get the best shot, aim the ball in the direction of the most cups.
  • Play until one of you or your opponent has cleared all the cups from one side of the table. As you play, keep your finger moving in the direction of the remaining cups.