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How to Play Fortnite for Free on iPhone Using Xbox?

Did you know you can play Fortnite for free on your iPhone, as long as you have an Xbox? The game that reached cult status immediately after its release is closer and more convenient to play than you think. Thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming, we are watching history in the making. After being removed in Summer 2020, Fortnite returns to iPhones stronger than ever, but how do you set it all up? 

Don’t worry. We’ll demonstrate it to you step by step!

1. Make Sure You Have It All

To play Fortnite on your smartphone, you will need two things: 

For now, you can play Fortnite on iPhone in a number of countries, but Microsoft promises to expand the list in the future. Check out the list of countries where you can play Fortnite via Xbox on your Apple phone! The good news is that no installation is required, and there are no fees attached to this type of gaming.

2. Link Accounts

Lin0king accounts tends to get tricky, but not this time! Link your Epic Games account with your Microsoft account. This is how you do it:

  • Sign in
  • Chose ‘Sign in With Xbox Live’
  • Enter the Microsoft account credentials

That’s it. Simple! 

3. Start the Browser

Activate the browser on your phone. Most likely, it will be Safari, as it comes by default. Then, visit the Xbox website and look for Fortnite. This step shouldn’t take long, as Xbox has a pretty handy search tool, and Fortnite is often prominently featured, so you might not even have to use it. Then, add Fortnite to your Home screen for easy access. 

4. Start Cloud Gaming

Open the Cloud Gaming icon on your screen. You can move it wherever you find it convenient for easy access. Click the ‘Play for Free” button, and find Fortnite. Enjoy your favourite game! Remember, when you want to play it the next time, just repeat this step. There is no need to set everything up once again. In terms of actually playing the game, you can use the touch option to play on mobile or play with your controller. 

Is Playing Fortnite on iPhone Using Xbox Any Good? 

One particular thing to keep in mind is that you will be playing on a much smaller screen. The mobile version might feel slightly different, albeit familiar. Playing on iPhone is a good choice for occasional gaming, but most experienced gamers will still prefer bigger screens. Also, the selection of included countries is still limited, so many players will have to wait to enjoy all the pleasures of iOS Fortnite gaming

iOS Fortnite is streaming from the cloud, so a strong internet connection is simply a must. If you are located somewhere with a bad internet reception, you might experience frozen screens here and there or loading issues. However, this part of the game performance is out of anyone’s control, but all in all, playing Fortnite on iPhones can be an extremely enjoyable experience!



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