How to sync messages from iPhone to Mac

Apple 2023 MacBook lineup to include a new 15-inch MacBook Air
Apple 2023 MacBook lineup to include a new 15-inch MacBook Air
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Apple expects you’ll need all of your iMessage messages accessible on both your iPhone and Mac, so it makes synchronizing messages between gadgets simple. You could have empowered programmed synchronizing when you set up the two gadgets. To ensure all instant messages sync among iPhone and Mac, follow these means:

We will accept you’ve previously set up and are utilizing iMessage on your iPhone. If not, you can realize about how to do that in Everything You Need to Know About Messages, the iPhone Texting App.

On your iPhone, to go Settings > Messages > Send and Receive. You’ll require the data displayed on this screen for your Mac settings.

  • iMessage settings on iPhone.
  • On your Mac, open the Messages application.
  • Click the Messages menu.
  • The iMessage settings menu on a Mac with Preferences featured.
    Click Preferences.
  • Click the iMessage tab.
  • The send and get settings for iMessage on Mac.

Affirm the Apple ID you’re signed into here is equivalent to the one you use on your iPhone. In the event that not, click Sign Out and afterward sign in with that Apple ID.

Check every one of the containers in the You can be gone after messages at the segment that are minded your iPhone (see Step 1 for that data). Along these lines, when somebody messages you — to your telephone number or any email address you might use with iMessage — they will show up on the two gadgets.

Match the Start new discussions from the drop-down on your Mac to a similar setting on the iPhone. It guarantees that any new message you send will be connected to a similar telephone number or email address on the two gadgets and remain in a solitary message string.

Why Are My iMessage Not Syncing Between iPhone and Mac?

Adjusting iMessage among iPhone and Mac normally works perfectly, however here and their messages escape sync. In that particular situation, here are a few different hall reasons for, and answers for, this issue:

The messages are SMS, not iMessage: iMessage is not the customary, standard instant message that any telephone can send. iMessage is an Apple innovation that mainly deals with Apple gadgets. You can tell a standard SMS as a result of its green air pocket, though iMessages have blue air pockets. Just iMessages can match up to a Mac (however the iPhone upholds the two sorts of the message).

You’re endorsed into some unacceptable Apple ID: If you are endorsed in with various Apple IDs on your Mac and iPhone, each of your messages probably won’t match up between the gadgets. Try to sign in to a similar Apple on iPhone (Settings > [your name]) and Mac (Messages > Messages > Preferences > Apple ID).

Not all telephone numbers and email addresses are empowered: Since you can get iMessages conveyed to both your telephone number and email addresses, you need to ensure your numbers and addresses are all set up on your Mac and iPhone. In the event that they’re not, that could make sense of why messages are just appearing on one gadget. Match the settings on iPhone (Settings > Messages > Send and Receive) and Mac (Messages > Messages > Preferences > You can be gone after messages at) and check whether that fixes the issue.

You’re not utilizing Messages on the two gadgets: The Messages application can adjust messages among Mac and iPhone on the off chance that you’re utilizing the equivalent application on the two gadgets. There are numerous elective instant message applications accessible on the iPhone that you could utilize. On the off chance that you don’t see messages sync, ensure you’re utilizing Apple’s pre-introduced Messages application on the two gadgets.