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Pharmacist feeds the homeless using cryptocurrencies: Here’s how?

A pharmacist from Pennsylvania feeds the homeless with the help of cryptocurrencies. His name is Kenneth Kim, and Kim always wanted to do something using crypto and “make the world a better place.” He says that the idea of using crypto for this purpose came from movies like In Time and the remake of Blade Runner 2049.

Kim’s journey to feed the homeless

Pharmacist feeds the homeless using cryptocurrencies: Here's how?

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Kim is the founder of a non-profit organization called “Crypto for the Homeless”, which feeds homeless people worldwide. It is only possible because of the use of digital currencies. Kim then explained how the movies and his daily life inspired him to do this.

When he was a pharmacy student in Philadelphia, Kim would see a lot of homeless people every day as he traveled between his home and campus. And the movies that came out during the time showed a future where even beggars are asking for digital credits. That showed that they had also adopted the new form of currency. It inspired him to use crypto to do some good.

The use of crypto

Using cryptocurrencies, Kim can collect and distribute funds to homeless people much more effectively. And this is what they are doing by helping thousands of people around the world. They have a huge volunteer network, and they use cryptocurrencies for transactions between each other. Another reason why Kim chose to use crypto was its decentralized nature and poor experience with PayPal.

He said that on many occasions, PayPal has shut down or frozen accounts for different reasons. However, with crypto, no one can take the organization’s funds. Using digital currencies also makes it much easier for them to transfer funds to volunteers in different locations.

How does it all work?

Now, we know about the organization (Crypto for the Homeless) and the reason for using cryptocurrencies. The way it works is volunteers from across the world are sent funds using any crypto they want. They use this to buy meals and hand them directly over to the needy people in those areas. To verify that the funds are being used justifiably, the volunteers must also send receipts of the foods they purchase and the photos of the homeless people who receive them. Since the organization is helping people in different regions of the world, they save a lot of transfer fees using cryptocurrencies.

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