How to track mobile location on google map

You’re familiar with the scary and heart pounding emotion. That worrying sense of “I think I’ve misplaced my phone.” That frantic rummaging through your pockets, worrying of your hapless Device somewhere out there in the world. You start retracing your steps to this phone-less situation, and all you can think of is “how to track mobile location on google map”

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We all adore our phones and rely on them for everything, so losing them is inconvenient. Fortunately for users, we’ve put up a list of measures to assist you in quickly locating your phone if it gets misplaced.




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Use your Gmail account and password to log in.


You can view your phone’s approximate location on the map. It will display you the last known position if the device cannot be found (if available).


You have three options from the map page: locate, lock, or wipe your Android device:


Make the phone ring. It will make the noise even if it is set to mute or vibrate.


Protect your smartphone by locking it. This may be done using an existing pin or a new one.


Remove your phone from your pocket. To secure your personal information, you can do this remotely.


If you can’t find your phone using “Find My Mobile” or “Find My Phone,” it’s probably because your phone isn’t connected to Wi-Fi or another access network.


What matters is that you keep trying.


Apple’s location history data is sparse and lacking in information. However, there is some history to be found. Here’s how to find out what you need to know:


Open your iPhone’s Settings app.


Go to the bottom of the page and select Privacy.


Scroll to the bottom of Location Services and tap it.


Select System Services from the menu.


Go to Important Locations (called Frequent Locations in some versions of iOS). The toggle switch at the top of the Significant Locations screen may be used to disable this function.


At the bottom of the page, you’ll see your location history, which includes place names and dates.


You now have access to everything Apple sees.


Apple only records a small number of locations and, unlike Google, does not give accurate journey logs and timeframes. On a non-interactive map (you can’t pinch-to-zoom it), it shows a location, a date, and an estimated position circle.