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How to turn on two-factor authentication on Instagram?

Instagram is a world of its own. To put it in simple words, Instagram is a free app that allows you to share or edit pictures and videos. Each post that someone uploads appear in the feeds section of their followers. In the world of social media, Instagram is the king of all. It looks after user’s security highly probably which is why Instagram offers two-factor authentication. After setting up thetwo-factor authentication you will get a code while logging in from an unrecognized or unfamiliar device. So in case someone who isn’t you is trying to access your account, with two-factor authentication and it’s special codes, no one will be able to invade in your account.

There are two methods to turn on the two-factor authentication on your Instagram. To turn on the two-factor authentication system follow any of the steps-

  1. Text message. SMS for your phone- With this method you receive an OTP everytime you try to login with a different device.
  2. Recieve login codes from a third-party authentication app (such as duo mobile or Google authenticator).

To set up a Two-factor authentication, you’re required to set at least one of the above mentioned step. You must also note that after you turn on the authentication process you will receive a set of recovery codes for your account if you have issues in receiving a code.

When you are using a third-party authentication app (such as duo mobile or Google authenticator), then you can set up two-factor authentication manually for your Instagram account.  It will generate a key that you can use to set up two-factor authentication for each of your devices. You can also use key for all the accounts in case you are using multiple account on your Instagram.

Instagram Updates Two-Factor Authentication and Verification Process -  MacStories

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Set up the two-factor authentication on Instagram-

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your device.

Step 2: Then, tap on the ‘profile icon’ in the bottom right to go to your profile page.

Step 3: Later this step, tap on the three lines in the top right.

Step 4: Then, select the settings icons.

Step 5: Go through the settings menu and tap on ‘security’ and then scroll down and tap ‘two-factor authentication’.

Step 6: Tap the slider next to the authentication app, then tap ‘set up manually’.

Step 7: In case you cannot see the toggle switch, tap ‘get started’.

  • Tap ‘copy key’ below the Instagram key and paste it into your authentication app (example: duo mobile or Google authenticator).
  • Note: You have to copy the key code to your clipboard, and take a screenshot, as it will not be accessible again after the set up is finished.
  • After your Instagram account is connected to your authentication app, copy the 6-digit code your authentication app creates.
  • Then, go back to the Instagram app, tap ‘next’ and paste the 6-digit code to complete the process.

After you have set up two-factor authentication on the first device, you can now send the Instagram key to your other devices and set up two-factor authentication from there.


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