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White Hat Jr has charged Poonia of hacking and trademark violation.

  • The fight in court between White Hat Jr and Poonia also depitcted a long online fight battled between the two.
  • White Hat Jr has charged Pradeep Poonia of hacking and trademark violation aside from defamation.
  • After a court hearing on November 23 (Monday), Poonia will have to take down some of the tweets as a part of an ad interim injunction.

Pradeep Poonia should bring down a string of the tweets, particularly those blaming White Hat Jr for being a ‘ponzi scheme’, other unverified charges, after a substitute order from the Delhi High Court for the situation recorded by the startup established by Karan Bajaj, purchased out by peer Byju’s as of late for $300 million. The edtech firm has additionally charged Poonia for hacking into the company servers, which Poonia’s guidance has denied.

This is not the ultimate final decision of the court for White Hat Jr. During the next hearing which is scheduled on January 6, 2021, the court will hear classifications from both the sides. “This court finds that the grant of an interim injunction in the present suit entails decisions on various disputed questions of fact,” Justice Mukta Gupta said.

Under the ad interim injunction, Poonia has been restrained from:

  1. downloading and distributing directly or indirectly White Hat Jr’s curriculum or study material through his own channel or third party channels.
  2. hacking or any unauthorised access to internal communication platform Slack and displaying it to the world at large.
  3. commenting on the number or quality of teachers on White Hat Jr’s without sufficient details about the teachers’ education or their professional backgrounds.
  4. using the name White Hat Sr for the YouTube channel and some of the videos displaying proprietary content or internal communications will have to be taken down.

While the court parted with White Hat Jr. public opinion was very different on the twitter-




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