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A huge batch of Tesla cars preparing for export spotted in Giga Shanghai

This Q3 Tesla Giga Shanghai is preparing a huge batch of cars to export. In Q2 the export sales increased the company sales, thus making it the most selling car. Despite losing sales locally in the month of May, Giga Shanghai exported thousands of cars.

Tesla Giga Shanghai Is Preparing a Huge Batch of Cars for Export in Q3 2021

Image credits- Tesmanian

Earlier, the US manufacturing plant had to export cars to European countries. Though Tesla’s demand in Europe is high, the production capacity was not sufficient. Last year as Shanghai production started, the export from China increased. Eventually, Tesla increasing its European sales.

Wu Wa shared a video sharing the overseas version cars spotted in parking lot. The video shows an organised batch of Tesla cars, giga Shanghai and the beauitufl view. We can also spot the beside farms and greenery. Some of the Tesla cars can be seen coming in and being placed beside, among the batch of tesla cars.

Additionally, as the Tesla special handling team in China is working impressively. By making sure true information about Tesla are being stated. Sales are expected to grow locally. By end of 2021, they plan to have 450,000 vehicles manufactured. Just as Q3 is starting, thousands of Tesla cars are ready to be shipped.

90% of the Model 3 & Y parts made locally

Tesla’s Chinese team is going for local parts. Their battery supplier is one of China’s best battery maker, CATL. It lowers production costs, and makes sure Tesla has strong connections locally. Furthermore, an additional design and Research department is going to be set up soon.

Tesla battery partner CATL Denies selling defective Tesla cars in China

Every aspect of Tesla in China is going at a paster face. Already more than 5000 superchargers are installed in China. Obviously, as huge batch of Tesla cars are coming up soon on roads, charging stations are much needed. Moreover, the charging stations in Europe will be manufactured in Giga Shanghai. But there are no details on it for now.

However, only Model 3 and Model Y’s can be seen. China is yet to see the Tesla Model S Plaid, which is already released in the US. It might take a while before Tesla starts selling Plaid versions in Europe or China.

Recently Tesla unvelied 27 supercharging stations on the silk road. It is a 5000 long road running from West to East in China, making it longest supercharging stations route in China till now. It was all worth it, because China is going fast with shift towards electric vehicles. And Tesla is popular in the country despite the rumors and trouble with mis-information at certain locations.





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