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iMobie’s DroidKit: How to retrieve lost files from Android without root
iMobie’s DroidKit- Your one-stop tool for all Android-related problems


iMobie’s DroidKit– Your one-stop tool for all Android-related problems

Android is one of the most hardware compatible mobile Operating System in the world and I can assume that most of you must be using an Android smartphone. As much as Google tries to secure its Operating System and give users the mobile operating experience that they are capable to give, at the end of the day, it is still an open-source mobile Operating System which gives smartphone developers access to modify the OS according to their preferences to make their device more authentic. Samsung runs its own skin on Android that gives Samsung users a standard smartphone experience and so does other Android-running smartphone companies.

Having said that, Android remains an open-source mobile Operating System and this brings a lot of trouble to Android smartphone users in terms of software-related issues, screen freezing issues, black screen of death related problems and what not. It is most common for Android users to have experienced the frustration of waiting for the frozen screen to work again and the list does not end here, there are multiple situations where a user must have forgotten his/her password, the screen gets cracked, the smartphone gets water damaged or the smartphone suddenly stops working and you are locked out of your own device. The question is, what do you do when something like this happens?

Well, the most essential thing to worry about is your personal data and private files including photos, videos, documents, WhatsApp chats, messages etc. Nothing else matters when it comes to saving your personal files, one can always replace an old damaged Android smartphone with a newer model but recovering data is the most important thing.

Now, there are multiple ways that you can find on the internet to recover deleted files from your Android smartphone but the number 1 solution to all Android-related problems, be it recovering your lost data from a broken or inaccessible Android smartphone, fixing system related issues or removing lock screen from your Android device, is iMobie’s DroidKit.



iMobie’s DroidKit is the ultimate solution to save your Android smartphone from all the disasters at the very first moment. It is the world’s most recommended Android solution platform to recover lost photos, videos, personal files, WhatsApp chats and more without root. DroidKit is capable of removing lock screen from Android devices and even bypass FRP locks, it can fix all Android system related issues, clean junk and speed up your device to bring out the best in your Android device with just a few simple clicks.

It is obvious that your Android device must contain important files and media that you cannot afford to lose at any cost, be it official messages or personal files, precious photos and videos with your friends and family etc. It is absolutely human to delete an important message by mistake or when you hand-over your Android device to children for playing games, they might accidently delete some stuff that was very important to you. So, what do you do in such situations?

Google Search? Most of you will search for a solution on Google only to find out that there is still a chance for you to get back your deleted data. However, the internet is filled with corrupt software downloads, promising the best solution but as and when you download those files onto your desktop, they bring along a lot of malwares that could harm your device and even jeopardise your privacy.

Anyhow, iMobie’s DroidKit is the world’s number 1 Android solution and a preference of millions of users from around the world. How to recover deleted files from your Android device without root? iMobie’s DroidKit is the answer!

iMobie’s DroidKit offers expert solutions through which you can retrieve your lost data. There are two exclusive Recovery Modes that you can opt for depending upon your preference.

iMobie’s DroidKit: Recovery Modes

Recover all of your Android lost data quickly with the highest success rate and with no special skills required. iMobie’s DroidKit is the ultimate Android solution that is capable of recovering 13 different types of data from Android devices from all brands, covering almost everything that might be important to you.

Types of Recovery Modes:

  1. Quick Recovery Mode:

As the name suggest, the Quick Recovery Mode is meant for a quick scan of your device to recover lost photos, videos, WhatsApp chats, messages and more. DroidKit understands the frustration of not being able to access your personal files or being locked out of your own device and that is why, Quick Recovery mode performs a fast scan of your Android device without rooting it. This mode essentially supports all Android smartphones and tablets without the user requiring any tech-related special skills to perform this action. Recover 13 types of lost data from your Android device instantly without root with just a few simple clicks.

  1. Deep Recovery Mode:

Deep Recovery Mode is meant for a more in-dept search of your Android device. This mode searches every corner of your device’s storage to find all files and data that has been deleted and not been overwritten yet. iMobie’s DroidKit uses an exclusive NO DATA LOSS technology with Deep Recovery Mode that guarantees the highest success rate in retrieving lost data from your Android smartphone or tablet. However, unlike the Quick Recovery Mode, this method will root your Android device while performing Deep Recovery of your deleted data.

Recover all of your Android lost data quickly with the highest success rate and with no special skills required. iMobie’s DroidKit is the ultimate Android solution that is capable of recovering 13 different types of data from Android devices from all brands, covering almost everything that might be important to you.

Furthermore, other than recovering lost data from your Android device, iMobie’s DroidKit also supports data recovery from SD Card and Google Account instantly without root.

WhatsApp is the default instant messaging platform for most users these days and WhatsApp Chats can contain a lot of information that a user would never want to lose. This type of data can be used as evidence in the court of law and under no circumstances can a user lose his WhatsApp chats. Well, good for you, iMobie’s DroidKit also supports WhatsApp data Quick Recovery without rooting your Android smartphone and with just a few simple clicks, you can once again access all your private WhatsApp data which was apparently lost.

Note: Recover from SD Card feature is available in Windows version only. Support on Apple’s Mac devices is coming soon.

iMobie’s DroidKit: Features

iMobie’s DroidKit is the number 1 choice of millions of users across the globe and it is the world’s first solution to recover lost data and fix all Android system issues because of its reliability and a great set of exclusive features.

1.Recover Lost Data:

iMobie’s DroidKit supports all Android devices and offers two exclusive Data Recovery Modes: Quick Recovery Mode and Deep Recovery Mode. Using iMobie’s DroidKit for Android data recovery, users can preview and select the data that they need to recover without having to root their devices entirely, except for the Deep Recovery Mode that will recover data from every corner of your Android device storage, leaving the device rooted.

2. Extract Needed Data:

Apart from various Android Data Recovery options, iMobie’s DroidKit also offers to retrieve lost data from Google backup, Sim card and crashed smartphone (currently only available on Samsung) almost instantly with just a few simple clicks. Samsung is one of the most popular Android smartphone brands across the globe and iMobie’s DroidKit exclusively supports data recovery from a crashed Samsung smartphone.

3. Unlock Screen:

There have been a lot of complaints from users that they have been locked out of their Android device and are unable to unlock it with their credentials. Sometimes the screen gets frozen and sometimes it gets broken. What to do?

iMobie’s DroidKit brings the solution without rooting your device. The tool is capable of unlocking all types of screen locks, be it password, PIN, facial recognition, pattern or even fingerprint.

In case you forget the password to unlock your Samsung smartphone, iMobie’s DroidKit offers an exclusive solution on how to unlock Samsung phone. Follow the given steps and with just a few simple clicks, you will be able to access your Samsung smartphone once again without losing your data.

4. Fix System Issues:

You can fix all of your Android system related issues with just a few simple clicks using iMobie’s Droidkit. The tool can fix all issues related to black screen, frozen screen, camera failing, touch screen not working etc.

5. Bypass FRP Lock:

iMobie’s DroidKit guarantees the highest rate of success in case of bypassing Factory Reset Protection locks and it supports all Android devices.

6. Reinstall/Upgrade OS:

iMobie’s DroidKit offers an exclusive feature that can match a secure ROM for your Android device automatically, without you having to go through a complicated procedure.

7. Clean System Junk:

As and when Android smartphones get cluttered with personal files and data, the devices become slower and slower, resulting in crashed apps, frozen screens and other system-related issues. Clean your Android smartphone’s junk out with iMobie’s DroidKit.

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