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Indian Technology Sector applauds the Biden Visa policy

It was a new day in the history of America, and probably for the world too! As Joseph Biden, the 46th President of the United States, took oath on 20th January 2021. Within the first few hours, President Biden made some major changes which have been well-received globally. One such change is his stand on immigration and the H1B visa backed by the Indian Technology Industry.

Indian technology

The Indian Tech society also plays a vital role in the USA as nearly 30% of the IT workers are of Indian origin. Therefore it is natural that the Indian Tech Society has applauded President Biden’s decision. He is expected to pass a bill that proposes eliminating the per-country cap for employment-based green cards. This decision will help Indian IT professionals to work without any hassle.

“President Joseph Biden has guaranteed for new actions on immigration and trade. He has also planed a renewed and revitalized engagement in science and technology. We applaud his commitment to evaluate and make significant changes to adverse regulatory policies put in place by the outgoing government,”
– Nasscom said on Thursday.

indian technology

The previous government had placed several curbs and created unfortunate changes to the H1B visa program – which was most regularly used by the Indian IT professionals to migrate to the USA for business.

As an initiation, the Biden Government froze or withdrew some of these curbs on Wednesday.

“A present US immigration policy drives innovation. The Biden government’s planned operations make significant and overdue investments in immigration reforms that can, fortunately, meet the requirements of a globally ambitious, digital economy, comprising expanded visa or programs for high-skilled employees and families.”
– Jason Oxman, CEO and President, IITC

While this decision has relieved many citizens, especially the Indian Technology industry, Nasscom has also highlighted how the US sector awaits major challenges in the future to overcome the damage caused in the last few years. It will be interesting to see how the new Biden administration, which has assured that it will work on uniting the people, will win this battle irrespective of their race, religion, or color.




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