Salil Parekh
Salil Parekh

Infosys lands in trouble over e-portal glitches.

Salil Parekh, the CEO and MD of Infosys receives a summon from the Finance Ministry seeking information and a valid explanation about the failure to rectify the ongoing errors in the e-filing portal. Despite the numerous reports of errors and glitches, the company has not exhibited any progress in rectifying the same, which has finally led to an open questioning by the Finance Ministry.

The What and Why

The e-filing portal contract was given to the company back in 2019, and it was a step in the direction of modernizing the whole tax-paying process. However, from the developments at the moment, it can be seen that things did not go exactly as planned. Although it was started with a lot of expectation and excitement, it has all ebbed away as users began experiencing inconvenience from the very first day. After all, as the saying goes, “the first impression is the best impression” and it seems like Infosys failed to make one. And worse still, they couldn’t take a step towards rectifying the persistent errors that completely annulled all the potential that could have been amassed from the idea of a modern e-filing portal. Even after two and half months of its launch, the problems and glitches are still in place. They haven’t gone away or rather they have gotten worse with time. And now, it has touched a saturation point as the portal is completely unavailable to the users. Not to sound rude, but a disappearing act is the last thing Infosys needs at the moment. And apparently, the disappearing scenario has led to the Finance Ministry asking the MD to appear with a credible explanation for all the errors.

A few days prior to this, Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman had assured that the problems related to the portal will be rectified in a “few days.” Seems like their idea of “few days” and our idea of “few ideas” is completely different. Ever since the summon was passed, Twitter has been flaring up with reactions and responses. Let us take a look.

Yes, time to up the game because people have been let down for long enough.

It is not a coincidence. Either that or they have really got the coincidence game right.

Why Government does what it does half of the time is a topic for another discussion, for another time.

Let us not go there. Because that will open another can of worms.

Talk about covering up their flaws.

Isn’t there something called business ethics? Or has that become a myth too?

Yes, mental harassment is the right word. Because after a while of using those, you are just a few steps away from insanity.

Perhaps the government was taking the high road and giving them a “second chance” to shine. After all, it is only an e-portal that affects the whole country. Why bother.

Good question.