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Instagram Reveals Insights on Content Ranking

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently wrote on his blog on how the well-known social media site classifies content to improve user experience. Instagram’s ranking system aims to create a mix between information from profiles users follow and that they might be interested in, according to its parent company, Meta. This tailored strategy considers a number of elements, such as user behaviour, post data, and account interaction history. Let’s look more closely at the details to learn how Instagram ranks material in various formats, including standard posts, Stories, and Reels.

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Ranking Regular Posts:

Instagram prioritises recent posts from users’ followed accounts and those that are relevant to their interests when it comes to the regular posts that show up on users’ feeds. Instagram seeks to create a customised feed that mixes content from followed accounts and possibly interesting accounts by analysing signals arising from a user’s involvement with particular accounts. The programme also considers user preferences, such as whether they like photographs or videos. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees that users receive material that appeals to their preferences and maintains their interest.

Stories Ranking:

Instagram’s Stories feature has grown essential, allowing users to share ordinary occurrences. Instagram prioritises Stories from accounts that users follow, taking into account things like viewing history, engagement history, and how closely connected the user is to the account. Instagram anticipates and presents the most important and pertinent Stories for each user by examining these signals. With this strategy, users are exposed to Stories that match their interests and continue to have a fun experience.

Reels Ranking:

Instagram’s short amusing videos called Reels are designed to aid users in finding fresh and intriguing content. It’s interesting to note that a sizable percentage of Reels from accounts that users don’t follow get featured in their feeds. Instagram solicits user opinion by asking them about the significance and worth of particular Reels. With the use of these information, the platform can improve its ranking system and provide Reels that are more likely to hold users’ attention. User actions like loving, saving, and resharing, the popularity of the Reel, and the user’s previous interactions with the creator are important signals for Reels ranking. This strategy encourages consumers to find new, interesting material that matches their tastes.

Potential Impact of the Move:

The transparent rating system used by Instagram is a step in the right direction for social media networks. Instagram wants to provide a more personalised and interesting experience for its users by taking into account user choices, engagement history, and feedback. This action emphasises the value of adjusting material to audience preferences while also being in line with the changing expectations of social media users. Instagram enables users to explore new material and find accounts outside of their local network by finding a balance between followed accounts and possible interests.

Additionally, the knowledge offered by Mosseri is helpful for content producers and companies using Instagram as a marketing tool. Creators can improve their methods and raise their visibility by knowing the elements that affect content ranking. Creators may improve their chances of reaching a larger audience and building momentum on the platform by taking use of user activity, interaction history, and the appeal of their content.


The platform’s commitment to improving user experience is highlighted by Instagram’s latest revelations about its content ranking algorithms. Instagram intends to construct personalised feeds that achieve a mix between followed accounts and potentially intriguing content by collecting signals from user behaviour, post metadata, and account interaction history. This strategy also applies to Stories and Reels, making sure that consumers are exposed to interesting and pertinent information in a variety of formats. Instagram’s dedication to openness and user-centric content ranking offers a good example for the future of social media platforms as part of Meta’s portfolio.