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Instagram to introduce ads on Reels. Revenue time!

Instagram Reels

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As we all seem to know everything about Instagram and the king of social media world, the conglomerate owner, Facebook Inc., the company never fails to surprise us with new features and better ways to let users interact and communicate with each other.

Only real technology enthusiasts and market analysts must have thought of this feature that Instagram is about to release. Well, the social media platform is all set to introduce ads on its Reels platform and the internet has mixed reactions.

It has been less than a year that Instagram launched its short video platform “Reels” that people almost instantaneously loved because of one simple reason that they had already used a service like this in the past or in some cases are still using it. The name of the service or platform is “TikTok” which got phenomenally popular because of its short-video format. Due to XYZ reasons, TikTok got banned in India and almost instantly within days, Instagram released its “Reels” platform, filling the void in the market.

Coming back to ads, considering the huge popularity of Reels and the level of reach that it allows on the platform, the company has decided to add advertisements to earn revenues. According to a report by Engadget, the ads on Reels will run for 30 seconds max and users can interact with the ads, the same way that they would interact with general posts and stories. I’m afraid to say that users will not be able to skip these ads whatsoever. The screenshots shared by Instagram reveal that these new ads can also feature buttons like “Shop now” with added links to the website or Store page.

Considering and appreciating the reach that Instagram Reels provide to users and influencers on the platform, businesses will gain a lot of traction with this new ads functionality.

Furthermore, Facebook Inc. is also experimenting with new advertisement formats on Stories called “Sticker ads”. As mentioned in a report by Engadget, this new feature is meant for influencers as it will allow creators on the platform to monetize their Facebook Stories with Sticker ads. For your clarification, these are just ads in the form of stickers that can be uploaded on Stories and creators can receive a portion of whatever the resulting revenue is. This will definitely boost the Facebook Stories usage and will also provide creators with an income source. Stickers will allow creators to add links on it as well where users can buy the advertised product and see other details.

Facebook and Instagram are surely bringing some great advertising options for content creators, businesses and influencers on the platform but some users are making a fuss over interrupted Reels experience while some users are happy that they can get better recommendations for products they like and follow on the platform.

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