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Inventor of world’s first cellphone says ‘put down your devices and get a life’
Martin Cooper made the declaration in an interview with BBC Breakfast

Image of Martin Cooper

Inventor of world’s first cellphone, Martin Cooper says ‘put down your devices and get a life’.
Source: Encyclopedia Britannica news

Martin Cooper, inventor of the first cellphone of the world stated how he is appalled by the amount of time people spend on their phones, telling them to ‘get a life.’ The 92-year-old made this declaration at the time of an interview with  “BBC Breakfast” on Thursday, June 30. This was as a response to a co-host who claimed she spends over five hours on her device.

At this, the Chicago-based inventor reacted with immense surprise, asking her to ‘get a life.’ Back in the year 1973, he invented the first cellphone of the world – the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. Notably, this engineer was part of Motorola for over 20 years, growing increasingly frustrated by the emerging popularity of car phones at the time.

Recently, in an interview with CBS News, Cooper spoke of the older days when he came up with the idea. He stated how many were ‘wired to their desks and kitchens’ for more than 100 years, with many coming up with the idea of wiring them to cars.

Subsequently, Cooper got the thought of making a portable device that users could carry with them to cars. Additionally, he thought they could carry the phone out of the vehicle and with them as they ran errands.

A tweet on Cooper’s perspective on the generation’s obsession with smartphones:

Prior to him focusing on cellphone mechanics, he visualised what this device would appear as. He stated how he intended to be ‘small enough’ to fit in one’s pocket, but ‘big enough’ for it go could between ones ears and mouth.’ Cooper stated how desired everyone to own a personal phone number, referring to it now as his “greatest accomplishment.” Till that time, these numbers were linked to places such as one’s home, desk or car.

Following this, Motorola gave in millions into the engineer’s project, which took him and the team a matter of three months to make the device. Previously, the team had used a somewhat identical technology to come up with police radios. At the completion of the device, it was called the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. Its weight was about 2.5 pounds and about 10 inches in length. Moreover , it lasted a duration 25 minutes prior to turning out of battery and took about 10 hours for it to get recharged.

Cooper made the first call with the cellphone on April 3, 1973, deciding to call Joel Engel, his rival who worked as one of AT&T’s head engineer. The event of Cooper calling his competitor’s landline took place outdoors with reporters of Midtown Manhattan as witnesses.



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