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Investors asked questions prior to Tesla’s Q2 2021 earning calls live

Tesla’s Q2 earnings call will be live on 26th July. Where investors ask multiple questions prior to the event on a forum. And Tesla selects certain questions which they are going to answer. Among them, there are some top questions that are reasonable and question the EV manufacturer in various aspects. The questions and more details related to them are mentioned below.

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Tesla Daily host Robert Maurer’s questions made it to the top list. Maurer’s questions are related to Tesla’s upcoming 4680 battery cells and tabless battery cells. The questions are,

  1. Is Tesla planning to start 4680 cell production at Giga Berlin at the same time as vehicle production?
  2. Can Tesla share more information on what products will use the battery cells from the pilot line in Fremont?
  3. Would tabless cell design allow for significantly higher peak charging rates?

Recently Giga Berlin submitted a report which mentions the battery manufacturing segment. Questions about Giga Berlin manufacturing have been going on a lot this year, especially as Tesla is facing challenges in the country. While the production of the vehicle is not going to be affected by the challenges, the question of producing 4680 battery cells is not known for certain.

Another recent update on batteries is tabless cells, it would allow having thermal benefit and would cut costs for the batteries and also the car. But the charging costs are not known.

Other top questions

Raj B’s question was among the top questions. It was about Tesla allowing its customers to transfer the FSD subscription to the next vehicles. So far Tesla hasn’t allowed such transferability. However, as they started the subscription process, Raj B asked if they plan to change the option of transferability anytime in the future.

Then, the third-best question was by Amith F. asked about challenges Tesla would face to ramp solar roof installations. Currently, solar roof installation is only available in the US, Germany, and Australia. Recently as the US government launched instant permit applications, solar roof installations are expected to increase. Tesla’s Elon Musk admitted once that the installation processes are time taking and a challenge for Tesla.

The last best question is by Emmet P, which asks about Tesla being a conglomerate of start-ups. Every year Tesla has been including more production, like batteries, renewable energy, charging stations, and not to forget their robotic manufacturing set-up. The idea of having a spin-off start-up doesn’t sound impossible. Emma asks if Tesla envisions to be that kind of company.

Other interesting questions are about the insurance given to Tesla car rental services and the magnitude of carbon emission for residential renewable energy. Some also asked about long-term targets to reduce the price of the car.

The question ranking is from Teslarati.



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