iOS 17

iOS 17 Revealed: 10 Noteworthy Features Heading to Your iPhone
In June, Apple pulled back the curtain on iOS 17, a substantial application update jam-packed with a multitude of fresh attributes and enhancements for iPhones.

In June, Apple pulled back the curtain on iOS 17, a substantial application update jam-packed with a multitude of fresh attributes and enhancements for iPhones. After an extensive 3 month pre-clinical phase, iOS 17 is primed for a public debut on Monday, September 18. This eagerly awaited update will be attainable to iPhone XS and more recent models. In this overview, we’ll talk about the ten remarkable attributes that iOS 17 delivers to your phone, alongside some forthcoming characteristics anticipated later in the year. Expect the update to become accessible at approximately on Monday, 10 a.m. Pacific Time / 1 p.m. Eastern Time, and you can effortlessly initiate the installation process via the Settings app under General → Software Update.



iOS 17 ushers in StandBy, an innovative full-screen display tailored for those times when your iPhone is charging and lying on its side. Created for effortless viewing from afar, StandBy introduces customizable widgets. These widgets can present a clock in diverse designs, a calendar, cherished photos, weather forecasts, music playback controls, and more. It’s a perfect fit for nightstands, kitchen counters, or desks. StandBy also extends support to Live Activities, Siri, incoming calls, and expansive notifications. Furthermore, it smoothly combines with the nonstop display feature of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Contact Posters

iOS 17 empowers consumers to craft individualized Contact Posters that pop up when receiving phone calls on another individual’s iPhone. These posters can feature a picture or Memoji, and you possess the liberty to modify the font and background color. This functionality operates seamlessly within the native Phone app and will soon be accessible for third-party calling applications.


NameDrop streamlines the process of sharing contact details by allowing iPhone users to initiate contact sharing by just putting their devices close to each other. You have the pliability to choose particular phone numbers or emails to share, and you can even disseminate your customized Contact Posters.

Live Voicemail

Live Voicemail introduces simultaneous transcription on your screen as soon as someone leaves a voicemail. Assuming the voicemail holds significance, users have the choice to answer the call while the caller is in the midst of leaving their message. Notably, spam calls recognized by carriers are exempt from transcription and are promptly refused.

Swipe to Respond in iMessage

Within the Messages application, iOS 17 debuts the capacity to swipe right on any message to promptly convey an inline response, rendering conversations even more active and fluid.

Interactive Widgets 

Interactive widgets have now grace the iPhone, spanning the Home Screen, Lock Screen, and the novel StandBy view. These widgets introduce heightened functionality, such as ticking reminders as finished, managing music playback for songs or podcasts, and running Home app attachments. Anticipate an array of chances as third-party apps gear up to integrate support for these widgets in the forthcoming months.

Enhanced Autocorrect

iOS 17 incorporates a cutting-edge language model for word forecast, promising a substantial enhancement in autocorrection accuracy. On-device machine learning now cleverly rectifies errors with substantial precision. Predictive text suggestions are presented and matched as you type, simplifying adding words or complete sentences with a straightforward tap of the space bar. Autocorrect features a fresh design that shortly emphasizes corrected words while tapping on a highlighted word unveils the initially typed word.

Apple Maps Offline

iOS 17 elevates the Apple Maps experience by launching the capability to download maps for offline usage. Users can now download specific map regions, enabling seamless turn-by-turn navigation, entry to estimated arrival times, location searches, and more, even when your iPhone is devoid of cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Stickers Drawer  

A novel stickers drawer in iOS 17 centralizes all stickers, encompassing Live Stickers, emojis, Memojis, and iMessage sticker packs, within one accessible location. Live Stickers can be generated effortlessly by tapping and holding an object in a photo, whether it’s a cat or a dog.

“Hey Siri” Simplified to “Siri”

Apple has streamlined the voice command for activating Siri across iPhones and other Apple devices. Instead of the former “Hey Siri,” users can now call on the voice assistant by simply saying “Siri.” This adjustment qualifies users to issue successive commands in the absence of the requirement to repeatedly say “Siri.”

iOS 17 initiates a slew of compelling new attributes and enhancements that enrich the convenience and utility of your iPhone. From the customizable StandBy view to the simplified Siri commands, this update promises to enhance your iPhone experience in numerous ways. Don’t forget to update your phone and explore these attributes to unlock the full potential of your iPhone with iOS 17.