Iran plans to bring digital Rial; has no intention to allow crypto payments

Iran plans to bring digital Rial and has no intentions to allow cryptocurrency to be used for payments. This was signaled by a government authority. The move by Iran could be to ensure that their CBDC becomes the first choice for payments in the country. Very soon, the pilot phase will begin, and we will get to see how it does.

Iran is against crypto as legal tender

It doesn’t come as a surprise that, like most nations, Iran is also against using cryptocurrencies as a legal tender. The deputy minister of communication of the country said that they “do not recognize payments with cryptocurrencies.” In fact, the use of foreign currency is against the banking laws of Iran. So, companies or stores might not be able to individually decide if they want to accept crypto or not.

Iran plans to bring digital Rial

The authorities are sticking to the point that Iran has its own national currency, and there is no need for something else. So, they won’t be regulating crypto as a payment medium. However, they could be regulated like the stock market in order to prevent the risk to Iranian citizens. Do note that Iran has allowed businesses to use digital payments with foreign entities to bypass western sanctions in the past.

Iran plans to bring digital Rial

Central Bank Digital Currencies are the new craze all governments are after. As if they can beat private cryptocurrencies with a centralized, highly unsafe (in terms of privacy) crypto. But nonetheless, countries are trying, and Iran is also one of them. The Central Bank of Iran has recently talked about the regulations that will apply to the ‘crypto rial.’ It will be applied to the minting and distribution of the CBDC. The Bank will be the issuer of the currency and will also decide what will be the max supply.

The CBDC will follow the legalities of the physical banknotes and coins that the government uses. The Bank will keep a close eye on the use of CBDCs for impact on the economy. It will also be restricted for use only in Iran.

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