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‘Is Twitter dying?’ Elon Musk mentions inactivity of Top 10 Twitter accounts
The billionaire CEO lists accounts that hardly post, calling out major celebrities

Elon Musk lists Top 10 inactive Twitter accounts. Says, ‘Is Twitter dying?’
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Billionaire CEO Elon Musk tweeted this week listing the top ten accounts that are most followed on the social media platform Twitter. Moreover, he disclosed how most of these pages hardly have any recent content and are rather inactive. He mentioned how majority of these “top” pages hardly tweet and post minimal content. The 50-year old CEO went on to ask whether the platform is dying.

The ten most followed pages on the platform are accounts of celebrities such as Barrack Obama with 131.4 million followers and Justin Bieber with 114.3 million followers. Others include Katy Perry (108.8 million), Rihanna (105.9 million), Cristiano Ronaldo (98.8 million), Taylor Swift (90.3 million), Lady Gaga (84.5 million), with Musk himself having 81.1 million followers. He is followed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (77.7 million) and The Ellen Show (77.5 million). The Indian Prime Minister is only the Indian to feature on the Top ten list.

He took a direct hit at American celebrities like singer Taylor Swift in the thread. He pointed that she had not posted anything in three months, along with pop star Justin Bieber only having tweeted just once in the entire year.

Elon Musk posted the tweet on Saturday, April 9th:

As we know, Musk is the newest board member and the largest shareholder i.e., of 9.2%, of Twitter Inc. Recently he had given his word towards “significant improvements to the platform’s website and app just following his crucial appointment. The tweet from Musk consisting of the list of top 10 Twitter accounts received more than 1,54,000 likes. Moreover, many even commented that indeed, prominent celebrities rarely post nowadays on such platforms.

Many pointed how the purpose of Twitter has stooped to influencers only using at as a medium “their brand.” They also stated that Twitter is not “dying.” Nowadays, celebrities do not have anything going on that is worth hyping about, hence, they do not use Twitter that often any longer. Another specified how many used it while they had the need of it, and have now moved on. “Many people view Twitter as a necessary evil. We need an entirely new ecosystem more than fixing a few features,” 

Musk has previously suggested various reforms for the platform for free speech many times, posting polls for users to give their opinions on an edit option. Similarly, he also came up with crucial suggestions for Twitter Blue not long ago.