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iSchoolConnect launches $10,000 CSR initiative for Education


Source: iSchoolConnect

iSchoolConnect is a US and India-based education technology start-up that leverages the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to ensure that students apply to the right educational programs across the world.

Recently, the start-up has announced to have launched a new CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility initiative to provide an annual scholarship of USD 10,000 to help students get quality education when studying abroad.

Founded back in 2017 by Ashish Fernando, the education technology start-up has launched its CSR scholarship initiative because of the COVID-19 pandemic and its disruption in the education sector.

The unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected the education sector in India and overseas where students are more dependent on education technology platforms to learn and study. Education in schools and colleges and educational institutes is slowly becoming an obsolete idea considering the rise of online studies and edtech platforms.

As adults we all must understand the importance of proper education of children that happens in schools and colleges, children learn multiple other things by exposing themselves to different environments, interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds., all of which has been abruptly stopped because of the global pandemic.

In lieu of this situation, many corporations have initiated a Corporate Social Responsibility program and iSchoolConnect is one of them which has launched a $10k annual scholarship to help students get good quality education abroad.

The AI-based platform uses its recommendation engine to identify the right Dream, Reach and Safe school for students, as mentioned on the company profile. Furthermore, it enables students to create the best application experience for students with its document recognition tool, essay and Statement of Purpose grading models and algorithms that enable video interview analysis.

A conversational Artificial intelligence Assistant helps students through each and every step of the application process. The technology backbone of the start-up helps students to get the best education from overseas.

According to the company profile on CrunchBase, iSchoolConnect has raised a total of USD 800,000 worth funds in over 2 financing rounds.

The initiative taken by the US-India-based start-up helps students with financial restraints to get the quality education they deserve. According to multiple reports, apart from the CSR initiative of $10k, the start-up is also offering students who wish to pursue their bachelor’s or master’s degree from abroad with one-way flight tickets and guided consultancy from iSchoolConnect’s expert panel.

Furthermore, the company plans to increase the scholarship amount in the coming months and also increase its offered perks to eligible students. Applying for this scholarship, students can study in the United States, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdoms, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, the Netherlands among many others.



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