Jaguar Land Rover to hire fired Twitter and Facebook employees

To fill openings in the fields of engineering and digital. Famous companies, including Jaguar Land Rover, said they sought to hire people. Those people who had been let go by internet firms, including Meta Platforms Inc. and Twitter Inc.

According to a statement released by JLR on Friday, the luxury automaker plans to hire roughly 800 people for positions. They were engaged in the UK, US, Ireland, India, China, and Hungary. According to the statement, there are few positions available. However, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, electrification, cloud computing, data science, and machine learning positions are general.


Delay in hiring is due to rising interest rates, decreasing consumer spending, and a strong currency. As a result, all tech companies are cutting workers and delaying hiring. The first significant round of layoffs in the history of the social media firm, Facebook parent Meta. The firm eliminated roughly 11,000 people, while Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, has made significant cuts and witnessed a high turnover rate.

The next generation of JLR’s electric vehicles will be developed and built, according to the company Tata Motors Ltd. of India owns.

The Chief Executive officer of Jaguar Land Rover resigned 

Thierry Bolloré, the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, has resigned from his position “for personal reasons,” Tata Motors announced in a stock exchange statement. It stated that he would depart on December 31, 2022.

The business announced that Adrian Mardell, a 32-year employee of JLR and a member of the Executive Board for three years. He will assume the role of temporary CEO as of now.

After only two years, Bollore abruptly announced his departure from the UK affiliate, which is currently dealing with several challenges, including a scarcity of semiconductors. The lack has hindered output even while the company’s order book is still complete.

Massive Layoffs

Only a few days after Twitter announced its massive layoff. Meta did the same in the release in which half of its staff was let go. Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s founder, announced that he must fire 13% of his staff. More than 11,000 individuals, after recognizing that his plan to expand investments did not turn out as he had hoped.

Disney and Amazon had previously traveled down the same road before the shock subsided. Disney has outlined its plan to evaluate expenditure at all divisions, slash costs, and freeze hiring after its quarterly earnings plunged to an enormous $1.5 billion loss, while Amazon has opted to lay off thousands of workers to reduce losses.

The fact is that these large MNCs accepted the risk of growing too quickly, despite industry experts’ predictions that the doom will alter once the economic condition improves.