Jeff Bezos And His Brother On Blue Origin’s First Human Flight

Jeff Bezos anounced recently that the first flight to Blue Origin’s human flight will be sold for the highest bid. And the bidding came to $2.8 million till now. A few hours back Jeff Bezos posted an Instagram video, saying he and his brother are going to join the first human flight by Blue Origin.

As the video shows, his brother being surprised by Jeff Bezos’s offer and that Jeff Bezos himself is going to be on the flight.

Jeff Bezos Interview With Younger Brother: Watch the Video

Meaningful experience

He said to his brother, Mark Bezos, in the video that it would be a meaningful experience. Started the video mentioning how it was his dream to go into space. And finally, it has come true.

It was a truly touching video, making it authentic. Unlike SpaceX or other space missions, a commercial flight means it would be spending a lot on just a trip to space.

Video- As posted by Jeff Bezos on his Instagram Account

This announcement, showing how much it means to Jeff Bezos, was unexpected surprise. Now the critics are coming with missed responses.

Spike Cohen expresses his criticism by stating, “Jeff Bezos has announced that he is going to fly to space with his brother on his rocket. Proving again that he desperately needed those $ 10 billion bailouts from you”. Furthermore, Spike Cohen was the libertarian party’s nominee for the vice-presidential election in 2020. 

While Emily Calandrelli, says she respects Jeff Bezos for willing to fly in his own vehicle.

The New Shepard

Blue Origin’s first human flight will be through New Shepard. So far the highest bid for the first launch seat is known to cost $2.8 million. It can land vertically on earth, as they have done in testing the New Shepard mimic launch, NS-15 flight.

Blue Origin to redefine tourism by giving tourists a taste of space

By July 12th the finalization of who will be there on the first flight will be released. And then the flight is scheduled to be on July 20th. A suborbital side trip is going to change how space commercialization works.

Regular humans will be traveling 100km away from the earth. It is a historic moment for humans because people are willing to pay for the trip. As he now talked about his relationship with space, and how special the trip would be. More people who can afford the trip might be willing to consider buying the ticket.

As said by Jeff Bezos, “It’s a thing I wanted to do all my life. It’s an adventure, it’s a big deal for me. I invited my brother to come on the flight because we are closest friends.”

Then Mark Bezos says that it would be a remarkable adventure for him to be able to go with his best friend.