Image credits: Extreme Tech

Blue Origin to redefine tourism by giving tourists a taste of space

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin will be realizing the dream of people for space travel very soon. A video released on Blue Origin’s website and youtube handle shows a countdown period till May 5 when the details of the fights will be made public.


The video shows Bezos, a life-long space enthusiast driving a Rivian R1T electric truck in the Texan desert approaching the Blue Origin facility in the desert and checking up on the space pod after it lands with the assistance of three parachutes. It also gives a glimpse of the ‘New Shepard rocket’, named after Alan Shepard, the first American to visit space.

Interior of New Shepard
Image credits: Wccftech

The New Shepard rocket has successfully completed its test flights and landings with people inside. The rocket will ferry passengers up to a distance of 66 miles above the earth’s surface to the Karman line, which is regarded as the loose boundary between Earth and space. The rocket can ferry 6 passengers at a time and can be operated by as low as 25 people on the earth in the control room.

Until now, no details of the number or cost of tickets have been made public. Most probably they will be announced on Tuesday, May 5. The company has stated that an eleven-minute flight experience will one’s “experience of a lifetime”.