Jet Airways to start flying domestically again by early next year

According to sources, Jet Airways, which went bankrupt in 2019, has begun discussions with Chennai airport officials to park its planes there. The airline is expected to restart operations in January or Summer 2022 if the talks go smoothly.

Image: Jet Airways

According to a report in the New Indian Express citing sources, Jet Airways intends to resume operations with six aircraft and would start with one night parking slot in Chennai.

The article stated that the airline was already in negotiations with the Chennai airport officials and that once operations resumed, they would be starting four flights between Chennai and Mumbai, which would be a full service carrier with minor adjustments. According to the study, both long and short-haul international operations are possible.

According to the article, the airlines intended to fly to 14 locations, including Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Goa, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Mangalore, and Aizawl, with the primary goal of providing metro-to-metro connection.

According to the article, the airline was also in negotiations with the airport authorities in Mumbai and Delhi for night parking spots.

First and foremost, metro-to-metro connection will be prioritised, followed by non-metro destinations. Jet Airways has also been in negotiations with Mumbai and Delhi for night parking spaces, according to reports. Within a year after starting local operations, overseas activities will begin.

Due to rules, Jet Airways plans to have 20 aircraft in the local market before moving on to international flights. Jet aims to extend its operations by adding another 10 aircraft within three months of beginning operations and 20 aircraft within a year, according to sources.

The lessor and vendor are now negotiating, and the letter of intent is soon to be published. As a result, Jet Airways is negotiating night parking spaces with various airport authorities. Jet Airways intends to deploy the Boeing 737 Max for both local and international flights.

The Boeing 737 Max is a fuel-efficient aircraft that has been certified by the Director General of Civil Aviation. After nearly two-and-a-half years of regulatory grounding, India’s air safety regulator has allowed Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft to fly with immediate effect.

The report stated that Jet Airways planned to resume international operations at least a year after resuming domestic operations. The report also stated that Jet Airways planned to have at least 20 aircrafts in the domestic market and that ten more aircrafts would be added within three months of the launch.

The airline intends to employ Boeing’s 737 Max for both local and international flights. According to the report, the director general of civil aviation and the Indian air safety agency have allowed the aircraft to fly with immediate effect after a 2.5-year regulatory grounding.