Justice League Scales Better Than Individual SuperHeroes – Why Teamwork Matters !

Justice League Scales

The Dark Knight of Gotham, Man of Steel of Metropolis, The Wonder Woman of Amazon, Green Lantern of Coast City, Fastest Man Alive of Central City, Aquaman of Atlantis, Cyborg. I can continue the list, but why? After coming across a variety of startups, I just wanted to find out how cool it would be if all the brilliant minds who started up from scratch, come together for once and put in their hard work on one idea. Although we all think it’s really cool to be a ‘One Man Army’ while starting up; it’s always better if we work as a team after we establish ourselves in our domain. It’s okay to share the weight of the world with a team, rather than trying to carry it in our super shoulders; hence the title “Justice League Scales Better Than Individual Super Heroes !”

Above all, imagine how awesome it could be when dynamic personalities with different qualities (special powers in this case) from various walks of life come together for one cause. Stay put on that imagination ! For better understanding let’s consider the justice league starting up and what would be each and everyone of their contributions, roles and responsibilities in the development of the company?

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Terms and Conditions:

Disclaimer, the following startup story is highly fictitious and any resemblance to actual characters, incidents and environment is highly co-incidental. The alteregos of the characters appearing in the story remain hidden for safety concerns. Any breach of privacy is highly prosecutional. :p [/box]

No kidding, you may be Batman and Superman while working individually, but when you’re co-founding you need to lay down the terms & conditions (not the disclaimer notice), else you might have to remove the ‘and’ and add a ‘versus’ between them. Now that we’ve established the terms and conditions, let’s get into the actual (fictional) startup story from the view points of its CEO.

The Background Story !

It was the moment I realised that after working for so long as a journalist, all I did was keep writing about brutal crimes and how humanity had lost its hope. I knew that something had to be done, and that I had to serve as the ray of HOPE (that’s what ‘S’ signifies and not Super) for humanity, even though I was from a different world. I stood for everything right and tried to inspire millions others too to take up this righteous path, and I realised that while I was doing this with just a raw idea in broad daylight, there was someone in the shadows of Gotham working strategically to bring Justice amidst a city covered in crime. We decided to bring about a change and form a league with others who have been doing the same in their individual cities and form the Justice League.

The Roles And Responsibilities !

Superman, CEO, Justice League

As explained in the previous section, it was the urge to make a difference not only within the community but on a global scale made me form the league. I act as the face of the organisation, carrying its weight on my shoulders and watch over from an outerspace to ensure the over all functioning of the league; but all of this is possible, only with the help of my team !

Batman, COO and CFO, Justice League

The master strategist and a billionaire in his alter ego (can’t reveal the name, privacy issues) handles the operations of the league, he schedules the team’s location and crime solving target for every individual. He is a complete professional and the perfect combination of knowledge and attitude (not the ego attitude) that would command respect from his seniors, juniors and co-workers equally. He is the true embodiment of what humanity could achieve without any actual super powers if it has a purpose in life.

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Wonder Woman, Co-founder, Justice League

Technically an Amazonian who is demigod, although her father is the King of Gods, who owns unicorns and pegasus, she left the family business to her half brothers (gods and demigods) and chose to make a name for herself in earth. The only woman in the core team, and the one who completes the team, otherwise we still would’ve been called The Dyanamic Duo, The Super Bat or something on similar style. Have I forgotten to mention that she can easily defeat both of us with a flick of her rope (specifically, a lasso) ? At this point, we are just happy that she is with us and not against us.

Green Lantern, HR Manager, Justice League

A plain green humorous person who has the experience of working with a team that spans the entire universe, his original team consists of green lanterns as small as a micro-organism (called Leezle Pon) to as large as a planet (called Mogo). It is their ‘will’ that brought them together to work as a team and he does the same to the league members too. He inspires confidence, courage and the will to overcome any obstacle thrown towards the justice league.

The Flash, Business Development Officer (Land), Justice League

When I mention the green suit, how can I ever forget the red suit?? The Flash a.k.a The fastest man alive is our Business Development Officer, his ability to process and move at the speed of attoseconds made him our ideal candidate for this position. Also his good sense of humour just like his buddy in green convinced us that he would convince our clients to join us !

Aquaman, Business Development Officer (Water), Justice League

There isn’t much to inform about him, we realised his powers especially after the war and hence we had to ensure that no further war ensues between the land and water. He acts as the bridge between land and water, and is our representative to the marine life in the city of Atlantis. He also aids the team in case of emergency, and if he’s not with the team he’ll be busy being the King of Atlantis ! It’s good to have a king, and a marine life (which covers two-thirds of the world) in our side.

Cyborg, CTO, Justice League

With rapid advancements in technology we knew that we had to update ourselves, which thankfully Bats can take care of. Also it was necessary to look into the future and trouble (and) shoot any problem that came along the way, that’s when Cyborg came into the team and since then he had been an integral and irreplaceable part of the team.

The Journey !

Over the years, the team had been put to many adverse situations, and we as a team stuck together and came out victorious. This might not have been possible if we had to face all the adversaries individually, it is the team that taught us our individual strengths, weakness and how to overcome those weaknesses. We’ve traveled across space, time and even parallel universes, and saw what we would’ve become if each of our actions were taken differently.

Over the years, many joined us and also left us, but we stood strong. We are thankful to all those who stayed and wish all the very best to the ones who left to make a name for themselves. We don’t know what’s left ahead of us, but we know one thing for sure that our league can stand strong amidst the ravages of our ultimate nemesis ‘time’ itself. When you’re a team, space and time are just other dimensions and you can deal with them like a piece of cake !

The final note from the author for all the individuals and team out there would be “Live your Life by Leading your League and Leave a Legacy !”

Image Source: dccomics.com